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Comments about the Eurobike 2017:

Winfried Kretschman, Governor of the State of Baden-Württemberg:
"The Eurobike is a true beacon in the landscape of the future that bicycle-based mobility represents. The bicycle industry here in the southwest is an important part of our strong economy. The fact that the leading trade show for the entire industry is held in Baden-Württemberg is an expression of this strength.”

Frank Peiffer, Managing Director, Shimano Europe BV: 
"The Eurobike was well attended this year, despite or perhaps even because of all the rain. We had many interested visitors at our stand every day of the show. At the same time, the focus this year was more on the German-speaking world, whereby we unfortunately noticed a drop in the number of international visitors from around the world in particular. We have to wait and see how the new dates will be received next year; it would be desirable if visitor appeal is maintained and the international component can pick up again somewhat.”

Bernhard Lange, Managing Director, Paul Lange & Co. OHG:
"The Eurobike 2017 has once again presented itself as the center of the bike world and is well established as the most important industry meeting in the world. So despite low numbers of dealer contacts, we are very satisfied with the Eurobike 2017. The mood in the market is generally very positive and the market remains dynamic. However, the feedback that we are getting from retailers and other market players gives us cause to look ahead to plans for the Eurobike 2018 with some concern. We will very closely monitor and analyze the situation in the next weeks and months.”

Cristiano De Rosa, CEO, De Rosa:
"My bottom line for the Eurobike 2017 is very positive. We had good visits, ranging from industry visitors to consumers.  I am also optimistic as far as the new dates for 2018 are concerned and want to face this change positively. Up to now, my company has focused on distributors in March and dealers in July. If it is possible to combine those here in the future, that will be a great success. It is up to us to present good products with a good strategy.”

Dirk Janz, General Manager, Rocky Mountain Bicycles:
"The Eurobike is going wonderfully! We are happy that we are here and also like the new 2018 concept with the new date.”
Wolfgang Renner, CEO, Merida & Centurion GmbH:
"One thing is clear: What the industry needs is an international bike platform. Because the Eurobike is the largest international bike exhibition, we as Merida Centurion need it. Time doesn’t stand still and because sales figures for E-bikes are at about 60 to 70 percent, I think it is right to hold the show earlier in the year, to have a good start to the season. Of course, everyone here is discussing this, but we and the Eurobike made this decision and I am of the opinion, that it is correct.”

Siegfried Neuberger, Managing Director, Zweirad Industrie Verband (ZIV):
"The comments from ZIV members have been overwhelmingly positive again this year and interest among industry visitors is once again high. The response from the media and policymakers in this anniversary year of the bicycle has been especially strong and shows the relevance of the bicycle, e-bikes and the Eurobike as the world’s leading international trade show in the public mind. Our wish is for this to continue in 2018.”

Malte Köttgen, Managing Director, Bico Zweirad Marketing GmbH:
"For us, the Eurobike primarily means being there for our dealers. We are pleased to be able to participate in the show on the right side of the street for the first time; our dealers certainly welcomed that, especially because of the short walking distances. And we had some very energetic discussions and appointments in a very easy and relaxed atmosphere. We are excited to see how we will experience the Eurobike next year. In 2017 we and our dealers had a good show.”

Martin Schamböck, Director Brand Management, Focus Bikes:
"Trade show dates in July are fundamentally better. In the course of international business, order placement begins in July - really, the organizers should have moved the Eurobike to July a long time ago.”

Tamara Winograd, Director of Marketing and Communications, Bosch eBike Systems:
"At the Eurobike it was clear that e-bikes are making an important contribution to the renaissance of the bicycle. More and more people are interested in this intelligent and future-oriented mode of transportation that is changing mobility. Fast, flexibly and sustainably on the go - the e-bike makes it possible. The e-bike will play an important role in the future, especially in urban areas. In addition to the large number of different e-bike models with the respective product lines, like Active Line and Active Line plus, topics like the increasing transportation safety are also decisive for e-bikers. Bosch is taking this on with the first ABS for pedelecs that is ready for serial production. The Eurobike offers an ideal platform to present this new innovation to a broader public.”

Volker Dohrmann, Brand & Marketing Manager, Stevens Vertriebs GmbH:
"We are very satisfied with the show and the level of visitor traffic. The visitors, dealers, amount of orders, everything was at a very high level, even better than in the last two years. We have closed out our business year with a growth in revenues, but sold the same number of bikes, which is explained by the significantly higher demand for e-bikes. Here too, people are paying more attention to e-bikes but are also taking note of our entire selection. We like the atmosphere in Friedrichshafen and are optimistically looking forward to the 2018 season.”

Reto Aeschbacher, Marketing Division Manager, Scott Sports S.A.:
"A leading international trade show like the Eurobike is important for the industry, as you can talk to the media, manufacturers, and other partners, in addition to dealers. A strong statement from the industry as a whole helps the bike theme and can make new trends, like mobility and e-bikes, accessible to a broad audience. The fact is that the dates in the industry have changed. We want to reflect this at the Eurobike and present the products there first. That is why we support the idea of moving the show to an earlier time slot.”

Tobias Erhard, Marketing Manager, Sram:
"The show exceeded all our expectations. We again have an above average number of visitors at our stand. People are visibly excited about our new products, like the eTap wireless shifting system and the Eagle technology with the twelve speed cassette, which we have used to demonstrate our position as the technology leader and which really struck a nerve with the public. We will definitely be here next year with the same sized stand.”

Richard Thomas, Sales and Marketing Manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Endura Ltd:
"An excellent result: Our guests represent at least 80% of Endura’s revenues. Anyone who thinks contact with their customers is important cannot afford to skip this show. The future dates for the show are especially close to the hearts of dealers, because they can then inspect all of the innovations before placing their orders.”

Bernd Lesch, Head of Export, Winora Group:
"For our group, a platform like this is very important - without ifs, ands or buts. Our visitor numbers were very successful on all of the days of the show and we are pleased with the media presence, which we would never have anywhere else. As far as the new Eurobike 2018 concept is concerned, we will definitely be there. Even though we really think it’s a shame that there will be no day for consumers and such a show cannot replace ordering. We do not want to shorten the dealers’ season. We find discussions about locations pointless - you can’t make everyone happy.”

Andreas Liertz, Head of Sales, Elby Bike Europe GmbH:
"For our first presentation of the Elby brand, together with the Eurobike we came up with a ‘super platform’ at our stand that had a strong appeal to international as well as German industry visitors. For us, it was nice to see that visitors are open to new bike concepts, but also to the rear-mounted motor. Eurobike visitors are looking for variety and are very well served in this regard at the Eurobike.”

Assaf Biderman, CEO, Superpedestrian (Copenhagen Wheels):
"It’s a great show for us: The Eurobike is very well frequented again this year and we have had many very valuable contacts. I regard the decision to hold the Eurobike in July next year as correct. It helps dealers to make earlier decisions about what to stock.”

Daniel Gareus, Head of Marketing, Cosmic Sports:
"We were very pleased to be able to fittingly celebrate our 20th anniversary this year at the Eurobike. The leading international trade show is again the place to meet old friends and acquaintances from the international scene and to exchange views and experiences with them.”

Dr. Sandra Wolf, CEO, Riese & Müller:
"The Eurobike 2017 was again a very successful and important show for us at Riese & Müller. We really value the fresh contact with the international industry scene and the intensive exchange with our many specialty dealers and suppliers.”

Gernot Moser, Head of Sales, Bike Sports, Vaude Sport GmbH:
"We are very satisfied. Our stand was consistently popular throughout the show, demand for Vaude is high. A special highlight was the visit to our stand by Governor Winfried Kretschman, in which he lent political weight to the theme of bicycle-based mobility. Our digital offerings, especially the virtual reality goggles, were very well received our visitors."

Hanna Gehlen, Project Manager, Croozer GmbH:
"Our stand was very well frequented the whole time. We are very pleased with that. We are proud of our new products and dealers seem to be very interested and very enthusiastic about them. That is why the 2017 Eurobike was especially a lot of a fun for us.”

Sebastian Göttling, Busch & Müller:
"A very fine show. After a Wednesday that seemed to have fewer visitors, on Thursday it was incredibly busy and all expectations were exceeded by a wide margin. Wonderful.”

Torsten Mendel, Marketing/PR Manager, Abus KG:
"The Eurobike 2017 was very successful for us. Our new products were very well received and have been picked up on very favorably by domestic as well as international industry visitors. The Eurobike was, is and will always be an important component of our trade show schedule. We are already looking forward to next year.”

Doris Klytta, PR Manager, Schwalbe Ralf Bohle GmbH:
"Our stand was very well frequented all days of the show. Generally, we noticed that there were fewer German dealers here, but in their place there were more international visitors. A special pleasure was winning the Eurobike Green Award for our new Road Cruiser tires with our sustainable Green Compound. The concept is also going over very well with our customers.”

Chiara Carozzi, Marketing & Communication Manager, Michelin Technical Sales:
"The Eurobike was very successful for us. We had many interesting discussions and got wonderful feedback about our products.”
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