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EUROBIKE Retail First

EUROBIKE Retail First Trade Visitors / EUROBIKE Trade Visitors

The “Retail First Concept” also offers you numerous advantages as an exhibitor. You can, for example, look forward to simplified invitation management, free of charge. Equally, as an exhibitor, you benefit from more thorough scrutiny of visitors’ professional status as part of the Retail First initiative.

EUROBIKE Retail First

1. EUROBIKE Retail First Trade Visitors


The Retail First Initiative puts the trade fair’s focus more sharply on specialist bike and sport traders. The Retail First trade visitors will be invited directly by you as an EUROBIKE exhibitor and by the Messe Friedrichshafen/EUROBIKE. This service is free of charge for you.  


We will be sending you a link with your invitation to the EUROBIKE 2019. Traders can use this link to register online for the trade fair. Invitees will receive a Retail First Voucher Code after they have been approved as qualified EUROBIKE Retail First trade visitors.  


EUROBIKE Retail First trade visitors are defined as visitors who belong to one of the groups listed below and work in the bike and sports industry. Related types of sport such as outdoor-sport, fitness and trend sports will be taken into consideration, as will the area of sport fashion.  


  • Retailers (brick-and-mortar shops, department stores, chains, online and mail order traders) with a clear connection with the industry.  


EUROBIKE Retail First trade visitors will receive:   

  • free admission  
  • special package offers  


Naturally, trade visitors can also register for themselves on the EUROBIKE homepage.  


2. EUROBIKE Trade Visitors

Individuals who are not specialist traders can also visit the EUROBIKE 2019.  


EUROBIKE trade visitors are those visitors who belong to one of the groups shown below and work in the  bicycle and sports industry , as well as in the mobility industry. Related sports, such as outdoor sports, fitness and trend sports, as well as the sector sports fashion are taken into account. Furthermore, we include certain sectors of the automotive industry, logistics and fleet management.


  • Buying syndicates, importers, exporters and distributors with a clear connection to the bicycle industry
  • Sport goods industry (suppliers, OEMs, ODMs, producers)
  • Automotive industry with a clear connection to the bicycle and mobility industry (OEMs, development of electric motors, …)
  • Players in the fields logistics and fleet management with a clear connection to the bicycle and mobility industry (municipalities, transport service provider, …)
  • Mobility services and providers with a clear connection to the bicycle and mobility industry
  • Bicycle rental services, tour operators and other touristic service providers   
  • Students in specialist areas (sport, fashion, textile, business management, IT) are eligible for a concession ticket

3. Step by step

EUROBIKE Retail First


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