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Blogger @ EUROBIKE

EUROBIKE Blogger Base: Meeting point for the influencer scene

Numerous international blogger have followed our and the WRIDERS' CLUB invitation and have accredited themselves for the EUROBIKE. With the EUROBIKE Blogger Pass, they have free access to the EUROBIKE show on all days, can attend all events and use the service provided at the EUROBIKE Blogger Base. On social media platforms, bloggers can share the trends of the show directly with their communities using the #EurobikeShow. The social wall will display the bloggers work.


We want to facilitate the communication between the accredited bloggers and the industry. Below, you will find the attending bloggers who have agreed to have their names published here. Get to know the blogs, topics and the people behind them and use the opportunity to meet bloggers in person at EUROBIKE 2017. Maybe there is a cooperation between your company and a blogger out there?

Official blogger at EUROBIKE 2018

45 km/h - Alltag und Reisen mit dem schnellen Pedelec
bc GmbH & Co. KG
Bicis Dopadas
Bike Life - Life on two wheels
Bikepacking Unlimited
Bike und Zubehör
Cycling Claude Der Blog für Kettenhelden
Discerning Cyclist
e-motion e-Bike Gruppe
Fahrrad-XXL Group
Fahrrad XXL Blog
Folding Bikes - all models
I Bike Berlin
Jörg's Multisport Blog 1968
Jon Williams - Photography, Video and Outdoor Sports
Life In The Saddle
MaWoSch GPS Radler
Mountain Bike Holidays "Roadbike Holidays"
Mountain Biking Tube
Mountain Lovers
MTBX - Mountainbike Magasin
mythos Ebike
One Gear
Radelmädchen / Blog
Riding My Own Way Video Blog
Sport GURU Insurance Partners Sp. z o.o.
Stefan Hocks Blog
Velohome Podcast Online-Magazin für Pedelec und E-Bike

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