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Eurobike Gold Award reflects the many facets of the bike market

Award Winner 2018

Eurobike 13 Gold Awards and two Green Awards - thematic diversity demonstrates developments within the industry

Friedrichshafen - Since its premiere in 1991, Eurobike has not only developed into the leading meeting place for the global bicycle industry but has also been a mirror of the on-trend topics influencing the market. In the nineties, the trade exhibition by Lake Constance focused on the young mountain bike segment and then later road bikes as well. In the meantime, though, Eurobike has extended its coverage to include topics such as urban (e-)mobility, digitalisation and smart service solutions. This diversity also distinguishes the winners of the Eurobike Award, who were honoured for their especially innovative new developments from the world of bicycles on the evening of the first day of the show, now celebrating its 14th edition. At the same time, 15 companies can take pleasure in receiving one of the particularly prestigious Eurobike Gold or Green Awards.

Among the Eurobike Award winners this year, for example, are the new official bike-sharing cycle from Pashley/Beryl, ingenious cargo bikes for young families, digital tools for advising customers in cycle shops, but also protectors and full-face helmets for mountain bikers and lightweight components for ambitious sports enthusiasts to measure power. "Thanks to its diversity, the bike world is more fascinating than ever before. For many people, the bicycle remains first and foremost a beloved item of sporting equipment, at the same time though it is also a beacon of hope - if not the beacon - for a turnabout in traffic policy in the towns and cities plagued by congestion and poor air quality. Against this backdrop, the Eurobike Award is not only a recognition of particularly pioneering developments but also a mirror of the spectrum of topics covered by the bicycle and those involved in the market,” said Dirk Heidrich, Eurobike Project Manager.

"The spectrum of the 350 Eurobike Award entries that we as the panel of judges were allowed to assess was very broad indeed and also reflects the key trends: transport solutions, electric assistance, children and safety,” said panel member Sissi Pärsch after completing her task. Her fellow judge Tarek Rasouli went on to add: "There are some products in the Eurobike Award that promise more safety or more comfort. Others in turn adopt new approaches to the subject of sustainability. And this year there are many Award winners that point towards an exciting future as a means of urban transport. One thing all Eurobike Award winners have in common is their potential to make the world just a little bit better.”

A total of 45 new products from the bicycle world gained one of the coveted accolades in this year’s edition of the Eurobike Award. Among the award winners are also 13 products and concepts that the six-strong panel of experts deemed to represent an especially outstanding innovation and are thus deserving of a Gold Award. Two award winners additionally received a Green Award for special developments in the field of sustainability.
The Gold Award winners for 2018 with the respective statement from the panel of judges:
Salamander Cycle Stroller by Wike

With just a few simple manoeuvres, the rear of the Salamander Cycle Stroller from the Canadian manufacturer Wike folds forward to transform the family bike into a pushchair.
Statement by the Eurobike Award judges: "We really like this idea of combining a bike with a pushchair. The Cycle Stroller also features an outstanding design. Converting the bike to a pushchair and vice versa is very easy. The bike is also extremely good to ride.”
Chike e
With its model "e”, the Cologne-based bicycle manufacturer Chike is launching a clever cargo tricycle with a tilting technology that can be adjusted individually to match the riding conditions and load.
Statement by the Eurobike Award judges: "We are very impressed by the overall concept of the Chike e. It offers good protection for children in a very compact bike. The tilting chassis makes the bike very easy to ride and, thanks to a clever feature, can actually be switched off to block the wheels and make loading the bike easier.”

GEOS Gravel by Geonet
Geonet is a young bicycle manufacturing company from Berlin. Its first model "GEOS Gravel” made an impression at the Eurobike Awards with its lightweight bike concept in which the components of the e-bike battery are distributed over several frame tubes.
Statement by the Eurobike Award judges: "This is the first time we have seen a pedelec with such smart and tidy integration of battery and lighting. The puristic and minimalist design of this bike also has many other pleasing features as well as outstanding ride characteristics.”
INpower Direct Mount Road by Rotor
With its power measuring components, the Spanish manufacturer Rotor is a successful supplier of equipment for the ambitious, sports-minded cyclist. The latest generation of In-Power cranks is not only an inspired solution in terms of looks but also opens up the field of power measurement to a new target group thanks to its reasonable entry-level prices.
Statement by the Eurobike Award judges: "At first sight, you’d never guess that the crank set of the Inpower Direct Mount contains a power meter. It is also very light and means that power meters are now available at an extremely reasonable price.”
Stage Helmet by Troy Lee Designs
For decades, Troy Lee Designs has been one of the most sought-after brands among equipment suppliers in the action sport scene. With its new Stage full-face helmet, which offers a low weight and numerous safety features, the brand from California is further underlining its high standards.
Statement by the Eurobike Award judges: "We like the extremely low weight of this one-piece full-face helmet. The good ventilation in the chin guard was particularly impressive.”

Smartfit Online Sizing
Using a series of simple steps, this online advisory tool from Smartfit helps customers to determine the right frame size and matching bike models.
Statement by the Eurobike Award judges: "This very useful sizing tool takes all dimensions into account. A large database using real measurements then shows the options available for the various bike models.”
Ortho-Max Light by Ortema
Ortema is a company with roots in orthopaedic technology which has already won over many fans with its sport protectors in areas such as motocross. At the Eurobike Award, the company from Markgröningen, presented a lightweight back protector for mountain bikers.
Statement by the Eurobike Award judges: "We like the high quality of material used in this back protector. Covering the full length of the spine from just below the neck downwards, it is extremely comfortable and well-ventilated. A wide range of sizes is available from adults to children at an extremely low price.”
SleepFix Kids Bike by Sandini

Sandini specialises in sleeping pillows for children’s car seats which are now also available in a version for child bike seats.
Statement by the Eurobike Award judges: "A lot of thought has gone into this sleeping pillow. As in modern child seats for cars, it prevents a child’s head from tilting to one side when it is asleep. We also like the pleasant material used in the manufacture.”
SQlab Griffserie
SQlab is one of the leading manufacturers of ergonomic components for bicycles. With its extensive collection of handlebar grips, the company from the south of Munich is offering a broad range of problem solvers for the interface between hand and bike in the forthcoming model year.
Statement by the Eurobike Award judges: "Apart from the saddle, the grips are the most important point of contact between rider and cycle. With its new series of grips, SQLab has expanded its range: four different designs each in three different sizes mean that all riders can be sure of finding the right grip for every ride.”
Homage by Riese & Müller
The Homage is already a classic in the range of the e-bike specialist Riese & Müller, which in the new model year is now leading the way in safety technology with an ABS system from Bosch.
Statement by the Eurobike Award judges: "The special feature of the full-suspension Homage is the ABS system, which gives inexperienced and elderly riders in particular a feeling of extra confidence and safety. This additional safety will no doubt encourage new riders to take up cycling. We also like the integrated design and the automatic transmission of this comfortable city bike.”
D.2 ST-Ri Dropper Seatpost from by.schulz
Retractable seatposts are already indispensable in the world of mountain bikes. The innovative component manufacturer by.schulz is now introducing this technology as a comfort and safety feature for urban cyclists.
Statement by the Eurobike Award judges: "This safe and practical seatpost is designed with the urban cyclist in mind. A control lowers the saddle at traffic lights, for example, and returns it to the pre-set height when the rider sets off again. The spring-loading ensures comfort during the ride. All in all, we feel this is a safety feature that will encourage new riders to take up cycling.”
London Bikeshare Bike by Pashley & Beryl
In its home country, the British family business Pashley is one of the most traditional bicycle manufacturers of all. The new cycle model for London’s bike-sharing system is proof that tradition and innovative zeal are not mutually exclusive.
Statement by the Eurobike Award judges: "An ideal cycle for bike-sharing providers. It is remarkably sturdy and easy to adjust, particularly the seatpost. We also like the way the components are integrated and the inclusion of a brake light.”
Muli von muli-cycles
The muli is a cargo bike for everyday urban use and is as small and agile as a normal city bike. Concept, production and business model are all geared towards sustainability. From frame through to assembly, every stage in the production takes place in Germany.
Statement by the Eurobike Award judges: "Everything about the muli is just right. Thanks to its short wheelbase, low width and small frame, it is easy to control for both big and small riders. We were particularly impressed by how easily the child’s seat can be installed and dismantled as well as how the basket folds up. Especially recommended for families.”
However, innovation in the bicycle market by no means simply refers to new functions or less weight even when the concern is to design sustainable products, the bike market is keeping pace with the times, as the two Green Awards among this year’s prize winners prove. The American specialist for care products Finish Line receives a Green Award for a new tyre sealant that is free of ammonia and latex, which the manufacturer claims can no longer dry out or degrade, and thus promises to significantly reduce consumption of both sealant and tyres. Another Green Award goes to Vaude for the Green Core jersey. The bike equipment supplier from Tettnang has succeeded in developing a garment with maximum functionality and at the same time a high content of recycled materials.
The Eurobike Green Award winners and the judges’ statements:
Green Core Tricot by Vaude

"Combining comfort and functionality, this elegant garment is also environment-friendly. We were impressed by the clever combination of high-quality materials.”

Finish Line Tubeless Tire Sealant by Finish Line Technologies
"This innovative sealant sets a new standard for tubeless tyres: the new formulation is not only latex-free and less aggressive than its predecessors, but it also doesn’t dry up, thus giving it a longer shelf life. We selected this product for the green award because it results in the use of fewer tubes and tyres and also less solution. To make it even greener, though, we would recommend a rethink of the packaging.”

The winners of the Eurobike Awards, Gold Awards and Green Awards will be on show in a special display at Eurobike in Foyer East of Messe Friedrichshafen until Tuesday, 10 July 2018.
Biographies of this year’s judges for the Eurobike Industry Awards
Sissi Pärsch is a freelance author focusing on sports, culture and travel. She is a contributing editor for BIKE, EMTB and Bergwelten as well as platforms such as and She has also worked as a documentary scriptwriter for Servus TV, as a travel consultant and has initiated the eMTB-Tourismus Studientage. With a PhD in English Studies, she taught at the University of Augsburg before moving into the sports industry as a PR consultant.

Having started working as temporary member of staff in a bike shop more than 30 years ago, Dirk Zedler, is today the CEO of the company "Gesellschaft der Fahrrad-Sachverständigen mbH” and the Zedler Institute for Bicycle Technology and Safety. The group of companies offers services ranging from official assessments, journalism and technical documentation to the production of technical testing systems and labs. This extensive portfolio has earned them an excellent reputation and a strongly growing number of customers in the international cycling industry. Publications by the still active cyclist in leading industry magazines and the development of innovative testing systems for performance and safety have demonstrably improved cycling and e-bike technology.

Wolfgang Hohmann has been in bicycle retail for the past 30 years. He founded his first shop "Wolfi’s Bike Shop” in Heitersheim, Germany, in 1988. Sixteen years ago he decided to leave his home country and start from scratch in Dubai. His mission: to bring bicycle culture to the Middle East and to share his passion for bikes with the locals. Wolfi’s Bike Shop Dubai was born. Having started in Dubai at first, the German businessman, nowadays sells bikes of all categories to the neighbouring countries of the United Arab Emirates, as well. His customers also include high-ranking representatives of the Arab royal family. Meanwhile, cycling culture has arrived in Dubai and the UAE - with purpose-built traffic-free training courses for cyclists and a number of cycling events throughout the year, a true cycling community has been established. Having  followed his vision, Wolfgang together with his team has had a major impact on this development.

Cat Heraty has 13 years of experience as an apparel design consultant for many British active brands. Having worked across most categories, including outdoor and cycling kit, the British designer has acted as a consultant for many start-ups and has an eye for product innovation, colour and ranging. Her specialism is in developing and implementing coherent messages, from initial concept through to end product in order to ensure that collections work together. Cat is a cyclist and has competed in numerous endurance events, including ironman distance.
Marta Villa has been a sports journalist since 2001, collaborating with the most important Italian cycling and outdoor magazines. After earning a degree in Philosophy with a Social Communication specialisation, the Italian started working for B2C and B2B cycling magazines and is currently involved in the Bicitech Magazine website. Further cooperation projects include the Italian Runner’s World Magazine, which Marta has been involved in since the first issue, and press agency work for professional MTB teams such as Colnago. Over the years, she has also gained experience with the communication departments of brands including Specialized, Liv and rh+. As the founder of - the first and only Italian website fully dedicated to the female sports world (culture, products, trends, people, tips and more) - Marta mainly focuses on women-specific products.

Tarek Rasouli is a former professional BMX and mountain bike rider, an important influencer on the international bike scene and Managing Director of the sports marketing and communication agency rasoulution in Munich.  During his career as professional BMX and MTB rider, he was able to celebrate numerous successes, such as German National BMX Champion and a 4th place at the World Championships. In addition to competing in various events, he started working as a test rider and bike model, rode in a number of MTB shows for different manufacturers and was featured in several film productions. Despite being confined to a wheelchair after a crash in 2002, he has remained active in the bike scene and started to write for "bike Magazin” as well as "Freeride Magazin”. In 2005 he founded the sports marketing and communication agency rasoulution, with clients including such world-class athletes as Danny McAskill. Tarek also founded the Freeride Mountain Bike Association (FMBA) and is an ambassador of the Wings for Life Foundation.