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E-power brings new momentum to Eurobike 2018

1,400 exhibitors exhibit new trends and innovations - e-bikes on the rise - numerous new cargo bike developments

Friedrichshafen - Eurobike is once again in international pole position. The 27th edition of the show sees 1,400 exhibitors from 50 countries presenting all facets of the bike world. "We are seeing more and more that it is by no means just about bikes themselves. The industry is increasingly offering new solutions for the whole issue of mobility. This is reflected by the Eurobike trade show,” says CEO Messe Friedrichshafen Klaus Wellmann. From 8 to 10 July, the exhibitors include some 100 new market players - from start-ups to automotive industry brands.

"The Eurobike is underlining its position as the leading trade show and is offering a wide exhibition of sportive and increasingly sustainable and urban mobility products. Cargo bikes will be a central theme at the show. Bikes for transporting loads now come in all shapes and sizes, both for private and commercial use - and increasingly with electric assist,” explains Eurobike project manager Dirk Heidrich.

Many of the new trends were presented in advance at the press conference:

The three-wheeled Tender from Urban Arrow comes in two sizes: big and bigger. Its 300-kilo load capacity allows you to move comfortably and emission-free around town. Showing for the first time, this electric-assist cargo alternative to the pickup van has a 107 x 155 cm load area (think 12 crates of beer) and a further 250 litres in a large closed compartment (5 crates of beer). Despite this, the Tender is still half a metre narrower and just 15 cm longer than a Smart. Meanwhile, the Urban Arrow Shorty is the perfect solution for the weekly family shop.

A further trike, the Chike e-kids reflects two important trends on the cargo bike market. Its compact design makes for easy riding, storing and transporting. In addition, thanks to their tilting technology, trikes benefit from additional riding dynamics and can take full advantage of e-motors. The high back rests and five-point seat belts provide better safety and comfort for kids. And it’s possible to mount a baby carrier too.

For the 2019 season, German premium e-mobility manufacturer E-Bike Manufaktur is also presenting its first cargo bike. The e-assisted, front-loader FR8 has comfortable low step-though entry and a number of new technical details, including a Continental Revolution Motor, Gates belt drive and spacious 60 cm-long load area.

Further proof that cargo bikes are on the rise is the research project "Ich entlaste Städte” ("Taking the load off cities”) conducted by the German Aerospace Center (DLR), Institute of Transport Research. It provides private companies and public organizations across Germany with the opportunity to test 150 cargo cycles for commercial use. Europe’s largest cargo bike test pool includes 23 different models - from speedy pizza delivery bikes to large heavy load transporters. Over half of these models are on display at Eurobike 2018.

And when it comes to road bikes, things are also moving, e-bikes are making inroads here too. The Cento1 Hybrid is redefining and raising the bar for the usability of high-end road bikes. This futuristic e-racing bike combines all the characteristics of a Wilier Triestina bike, but with assisted pedalling. The result is a genuine flyweight e-road bike that weighs just 9.9 kg with better responsiveness and a longer battery life.

Sporty styling, robust quality and minimal maintenance - welcome to the new Koga Pace series. At its heart is a frame with hidden welded seams and fully integrated gear and brake cabling. Wide gravel tyres and suspension forks with 80-millimetre travel ensure optimal performance whether on forest trails or asphalt.

There are also plenty of innovations without electric assist. System integration is the name of the game with the Bold Unplugged Enduro mountain bike. In addition to the protected internal dampers, rigid rear section and lowerable seat post, this bike also has computer chips in the rear axle and bearing shells. They allow the rider to customise the chain stay length, bottom bracket height, steering angle and all standard wheel and tyre options.

For style-conscious commuters, who have been previously put off by longer journeys to work by bike, stylish urban e-bikes now offer a real alternative to the car. The Homage low step-through model by Riese & Müller is an everyday city e-bike with mountain bike riding characteristics. This is made possible by the combination of optimised front suspension, active rear swing arm, optimised front wheel suspension and co-sprung carrier. The result: back-sparing riding comfort and better road holding and safety at high speeds. It is also available with optional dual battery for greater range.

The Cooper E-Disc is the solution for style-conscious city commuters. With its Gates carbon belt drive, oily chain marks are a thing of the past. The Shimano hydraulic brakes offer optimal safety at all speeds. And the bike comes with a 250 watt Zehus motor unit in the rear hub and a classic steel frame.

Shopping by bike is fun again? Maybe it’s because of the Electric Boda Boda. The pedelec cargo bike offers exactly the right amount of electric assist for a natural feel under the feet. On top of the Shimano system components, hydraulic brakes, LED lights and many other features, there are optional add-ons such as a front basket, child seat or bike bags.

In addition to numerous other bike innovations, there are also new drive systems, new battery technologies and new digital solutions and services, as well as innovative clothing and accessories. "This year, we are providing a prominent platform for start-ups. They are important innovation drivers in the industry,” explains Eurobike project manager Dirk Heidrich. 

The 27th Eurobike show takes place from Sunday, 8 July to Tuesday, 10 July 2018 from 08:30 to 18:30 and is open to trade visitors and accredited journalists only. For more information, visit: and