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EUROBIKE Start-Up days - Be part of our multifarious Start-Up program!


The EUROBIKE 2018 offered Start-Ups the big stage. For the first time, in addition to the EUROBIKE AWARD, there was a separate thematic block of the EUROBIKE Academy for Start-Up companies. Both on Saturday (7 July) at the conference including the big Start-Up pitch, as well as on Sunday (8 July) at the "Start-Up-Academy", information on financing options, networking had been available in the Foyer East and, opportunities for cooperation as well as best-practice examples were presented.

We look forward to welcoming you again at our numerous Start-Up events during EUROBIKE 2019!

 To bring together established bicycle industry and Start-Ups

One focus of the event is to bring together the established bicycle industry and the Start-Ups. How can both learn from each other? Where is it and what are the possibilities to work together better in the future? The high-caliber expert forum provides answers to all these questions and shows how both sides can benefit from each other in the future and work together productively.


Start-Up Pitch

Out of all submissions, 20 Start-Ups are selected to present their products within the scopes of EUROBIKE 2019 in a short three-minute pitch.

_Free Start-Up pitch: All businesses whose products have passed the preliminary digital judging can present those products to an expert panel, journalists, exhibitors, and visitors in the shape of a short talk, during the Start-Up Conference.

_Free entry to the Start-Up Academy: Seminars and workshops will deliver information on financing, networking, and cooperation, and best-practice examples will be presented.

_Product presentation on the Start-Up AWARDS website: All products that have passed the preliminary digital judging and have been pitched at the Start-Up Conference will be presented online in a media-friendly way.

And this is what the winners get:

_Product presentation at the exhibition center: All of the winning products will be exhibited in the West Foyer – a central location – during the EUROBIKE. Thanks to this prominent placement, your product will be seen every day by several thousand visitors.

_Multichannel media services: During and after EUROBIKE 2018, the award winners will benefit from comprehensive media activities that will attract the attention of retailers, industry and the media to the award-winning product and the company.


_Comprehensive communication package: All award winners will receive an attractive communication package worth around 1,500 euros. It includes a banner on the EUROBIKE website and integration into activities on social media channels. In addition, all winning products will be visible online in the Award Gallery.

All of the prizes have a combined value of around 7,000 euros.

Full details for the EUROBIKE AWARD are available here:

Finalists 2018

EUROBIKE Start-Up Pitch

Winners 2018

Building a powerfull cargobike which is as small and agile like a normal citybike - so it fits perfectly into daily urban life.

“All cyclists should have the opportunity to feel more visible and safe on the road, especially in the evening and at night.”

SpeaRoad’s mission is to bring on the market a new and unique bicycle component that satisfies cyclist's safety needs.

The product: Ped mounts turn signals with 360° visibility.

“We would like to give you the possibility to transport even a dishwasher without losing the flexibility or freedom you currently enjoy on your super-fast city bike.”

We were standing in the middle of nowhere right on top of a broken bicycle trailer – we were trying to compress it to fit into a trash can. At this moment we promised us: We can do better and will build the perfect collapsible bicycle trailer!

The product: Trenux is a bicycle cargo rack which can transform into a cargo trailer in a single movement. You can transport much more than that what fits into your bicycle bags. You are more flexible than with a cargo bike. And you don’t need to pull an empty cargo trailer around the whole day.

“More people on more bikes with bigger smiles.”

Veer was founded in 2016 to bring a new class of drivetrains to market.

The product: Split Belt is a belt drive splicing system for O.E. and aftermarket. Multiple pins inserted though the belt teeth join the V-shaped cut in the belt.

„The Wink Bar can be set on any bike to improve your daily rides!”

Velco is an innovative company with strong growth potential, operating in the market of cycling and connected devices for the urban & touristic mobility.

Wink Bar is the smart and connected handlebar that you can control from your smartphone with three main features: GPS navigation, a tracking system & smart headlights.

“How can you keep an eye on fellow bikers and the traffic behind without turning your head and body, and without having mirror on your bike?”

CFONGEN AS is a small Norwegian company that with support from Innovation Norway and norwegian designers has developed a unique bike eyewear with the aim to increase cyclist’s road safety.

The product: TriEye is a bike eyewear with an integrated adjustable rearview mirror that enablenes you to spot oncoming traffic and your riding friends with just a small tilt on your head.

Finalists 2018

“A handmade and individually designed bike frame made out of sustainable material.”

QiruBike GmbH ist a father-and-son bicycle manufacture from Heidelberg.

The product: Our bike frames are made of precious wooden veneers. Each QiruBike is a harmonic composition of a bicycle, adjusted to personal needs, exceptional riding comfort and color harmony combined.

“Make indoor training fun”

BIPR builds solutions for indoor cycling or running.

The product: Arcade Fitness is an indoor cycling and running app for Android and Windows which is also a video game.

“Experience a brand-new way of traveling for trips, family adventures or around the world. Carry your inflatable home wherever you go environmentally friendly.”

B-Turtle GmbH is an innovative start-up company based in Vienna. It was founded in 2016.

The product: The B-Turtle is a transport/caravan combo for bike enthusiasts made of a light weight aluminium chassis. Within minutes, the compact bike trailer transforms into a comfortable sleeping tent for 2 people with integrated awning.

“Our mission is to bring up new cargo bike products.”

The product: Carla Cargo is a powerful bicycle trailer and hand cart especially for big and bulky loads. Uncoupled from the bicycle Carla Cargo works as a hand cart and can be used in pedestrian areas, where access even for bicycles is closed or is not suitable.

“Citkar started with the idea, if a bicycle could replace a car”

Founder and CEO Jonas Kremer was inspired by a young boy who drove a Kettcar, while Kremer had trouble transporting his groceries in the rain. The goal was to put a box in the back and a roof atop.

Citkar is the place, where the urban mobility of tomorrow is being developed. We create modern products, that give companies future-proven solutions.

The Loadster is the first bicycle that can replace a car, specializing on the delivery branch. It combines a car’s driving comfort with a bicycle’s simplicity at lower costs.

“Let’s make bikes fit for the digital age”

We bring bikes & e-bikes into the world of the internet, saddle them up with individual digital features and services, handle data processing & provisioning, provide and maintain customized Bike-App’s to increase the value chain & market perception.

The product: With the CyBike approach, we bundle attractive, bike-specific features and services for each bike / e-bike, in your tailormade bike app.


You will get free e-bikes to rent, as well as satisfied customers. This gives our e-bikes a second chance and we are helping the environment.

„We are local, we are mobile and we are driven by a digital DNA in partnership with a 21st century understanding of what service means for todays customers.“

LiveCycle is Germany's first nationwide urban mobile bike service, focusing on industry partnerships and B2B customers w hile we serve b2c customers.

LiveCycle is a national service provider that partners with online-retailers & niche producers to bridge the gap they have in terms of local marketing & sales activities as well as national service & warranty handling.

“We push the limits, because there is a way to do it better.”

The product:.VELOSION:E, a concept e-bike with a Continental power unit. Produced using advanced thermoplastic composites, the frame is 100% recyclable, weather-resistant and non-conductive. With a specific developed water injection technology we produce lightweight hollow bicycle frame geometries

“We make protective clothing basicly for E-mobility”

The jacket weights only 770 g and is easy to pack. It is a modern textile interpretation of a motorbike leather jacket. The flexible protection is a print inside the fabric.

This functional but casual products of PATRONACE are using a very unique look with a strong functional background. We are the first company who is using the special technology for functional clothing.

“Light Electric Vehicles (LEV) offer enormous potentials to redesign and revolutionize the future of mobility, especially within short distances and urban areas.”

PLEV Technologies GmbH creates value by developing and distributing innovative Light Electric Vehicles by using a high number of standardized components in combination with well-engineered individual components.

The product: STEEREON is the world’s first electric scooter equipped with a patented all-wheel steering mechanism

There are always more bikers in the cities, and most accidents happen at the end of the day, during wintertime, from 5 to 8 pm.

Unisex and waterproof urban jackets, including technology of optical fiber, connected to a LED and rechargeable battery.

“The aim for Rbell is to increase cycling safety.”

Rbell Cycling B.V. is a startup company founded by us: Klaes Sikkema and Mark Staal, both cyclist ourselves. We felt the urge to contribute to what we feel is an increasing social problem; cycling safety.

The product: The Rbell is an electronic, wireless operated bicycle bell that integrates a computer mount, light and anti theft alarm.

“We have a purpose - to create beautiful practical bikes and to make some people happy.”

We want to deliver a great riding experience, in a beautiful package, topped with great practicality to the young professionals of Europe and beyond.

Furiosa is a single speed city bike which combines minimalistic, clean lines and a striking overall appearance with great practicality.


Jury 2018

Founder and CEO of Velokonzept Saade GmbH, Germany

Ulrike Saade’s every day mission is to promote a new urban mobility and a bigger role of the bicycle in the society. She has been active in the bicycle business since the 80s. Initiating a large variety of bicycle related projects such as founding an innovative bicycle shop or the Association of Independent Cycle Dealers (VSF) and establishing networking opportunities and Thinktanks such as the “BikeBrainpool”. Her company Velokonzept initiates and organizes big bicycle shows (e.a. VELOBerlin), conventions (EUROBIKE Travel Talk) and implements public campaigns - being a partner for the bicycle industry and retailers, politics and administration, lobby organizations, tourism, trade fairs and the cyclists. She is a member of the advisory board to the “bike academy” of the German Federal Ministry of Transport and the “cycling strategy” of Berlin and last but not least even a trained bicycle mechanic.

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UX Expert / Managing Partner JU-KNOW GmbH and Co-Founder New Mobility Experts, Germany

Her expertise is the human-technology interface and the related interaction processes. She's relying on more than 25 years of experience with target groups, customer segmentation, lifestyle-typologies and trends. In JU-KNOW she supports innovation development, always aiming for both the best user solution and a high fit with the company's strategic goals. Her passion for mobility is incorporated into the interdisciplinary team of New Mobility Experts. Using a holistic approach and with a strong focus on User Experience this team leads to success new vehicle-concept ideas, innovative propulsion technologies or innovative services.

In addition Ursula is a lecturer at SRH University Heidelberg.

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Productmanager /Founder and CEO of Momes GmbH, Germany

For more than 25 years, Dirk has worked as a successful marketing oriented product manager in developing and marketing products for apparel, hardware and software in the field of Sport, Biking and Motor biking for the Asian, European and the North American markets. He was a competitive biker, triathlete and later on also a coach in these fields. As a founding partner of MOMES GmbH Deutschland he is responsible for the product management to develop solutions for synchronizing portable micro electronics in the growing digital world. Next to several patented solutions he is focusing now on augmented reallity for biker.

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Managing Director Green Business Development GmbH, Germany

Egbert runs the business development and sustainable ventures consultancy Green Business Development in Berlin, which he founded in 2004. He specialized in designing projects at the interface between digital and green economy and in developing and implementing market entry strategies for foreign companies. Egbert has not only gained experience in funding sustainable companies but also possesses an excellent network in the green economy, especially in the new mobility and sustainable finance sector and in the start-Up industry. Egbert was co-founder and business angel of the ridesharing start-Up CityPendler. Egbert's start-Up initiative was awarded by the German council for sustainable development .

Egbert graduated in media and communication at the LMU Munich as well as in international journalism at the Institut Francais de Presse (IFP) at Univ. ParisII .  Egbert participated in the ESSEC & MANNHEIM executive MBA program. During his time as managing director of Germany’s most renowned eco-watchdog magazine Öko-Test , Egbert evolved into an enthusiast for organic lifestyle and sustainable business.

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Executive director of the German Cyclists’ Association (ADFC), Germany

Burkhard Stork is executive director of the German Cyclists’ Association ADFC – with more than 165,000 members the world largest association for cycling advocacy. The ADFC promotes bicycle use in all societal areas such as individual transport, logistics and tourism.

He is one of the leading advocates for urban cycling - promoting safe and attractive bike infrastructure for all at the national and international level. Stork is a catholic theologian by training. Previous to his position at the ADFC Stork managed a large German patient association.

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CEO, Germany

After many years of working for FAG and as technical director for a bicycle manufacturer in Schweinfurt, Ernst Brust decided to found in 1991. With his company, the German has created a service center for product safety, development and the execution of new testing methods for the safety inspection of muscle-powered equipment.

Since 1992, he has also worked as official technical expert authorized by the state to evaluate bicycle damages and certifications – currently the only one in Germany evaluating e-bikes.

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