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X-Comfort Zone

The intelligent cycling shoe

Award   WINNER 2017
Category   Apparel
Company   Louis Garneau Sports

The shoe that moves! It breathes, transfers energy and conforms to the rider. In 2009, Louis Garneau invented patented ErgoAir® ventilated soles to fix the heat build-up he fought at the 1984 LA Olympic Games. In 2016, he invented the Power Zone to achieve better energy transfer. In 2017, Garneau offers Comfort Zone (patent pending), AN ELASTICIZED INSERT UPPER ZONE THAT EXPANDS TO FIT A RIDER’S METATARSAL BONE, ADAPTING TO THE CYCLIST’S FOOT WIDTH. It increases each rider’s comfort with a product that adapts to the individual foot anatomy. And the market can use just one shoe for multiple foot widths. Garneau gives Performance in Comfort. Available on 5 models (men, women, mtb, road) in 18

Outstanding in the following evaluation criteria

  • Degree of innovation
  • Choice of materials
  • Added value

Jury Statement

We like the greater comfort and freedom in critical zones offered by these shoes. A range of adapters allow adjustment to different feet geometries and where pedal pressure makes the foot wider.