Julian Pfeiffer
Julian Pfeiffer
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Sandra Janjanin
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Kathrin Ruf
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Stephan Fischer
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Volksentscheid Fahrrad

Berlin´s Bicycling Referendum

Award   WINNER 2016
Category   Concepts & Services
Company   Netzwerk Lebenswerte Stadt e.V.

Berlin´s cycling referendum is unique worldwide: never before has a referendum been driven by people to force politicians to adopt and implement cycling legislation. Volunteers started with a law-hackathon to write the Berliner Radverkehrsgesetz, the bicycling bill. The media reception was exceptional, with only positive articles. The initiative collected 107,000 signatures in only three weeks, a record in Berlin. Opinion polls subsequently showed that 62% of all Berlin people and 50% of car-users support the bill. The referendum has the energy to rock Berlins traffic policy by being a role model for other cities in Germany and worldwide. 100 cycling-related companies support the campaign.

Outstanding in the following evaluation criteria

  • Functionality
  • Sustainability
  • Added value

Jury Statement

This is a campaign designed to increase awareness of the bicycle as a means of transport, without relying solely on eco-activists. All in all, the execution was outstanding.