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The premiere of the bike festival at Tempelhof Airport excites the German capital


VELOBerlin 2018 Final Report

Friedrichshafen/Berlin - Before it even started, the VELOBerlin bike festival was able to announce a 30 percent jump in exhibitor numbers, to 276 exhibitors and 500 brands. On April 14 and 15, a wonderful spring weekend, the exhibition of the bicycle industry drew over 16,000 visitors into the two hangars and the huge open air field - a new record - and an additional 1400 active participants got involved in the show program!

At the latest by the time Senator for Transportation Regine Günther officially opened Berlin’s largest bike event on Saturday morning, it was clear to everyone present that the VELOBerlin, by expanding its program and side events and moving to Tempelhof Airport, had successfully made the leap from being a bike show to being the bike festival in Germany.

Dirk Heidrich, Eurobike Project Leader at Messe Friedrichshafen and also organizer of the VELOBerlin, summed it all up like this: "the new VELOBerlin venue at Tempelhof Airport was a smash hit with exhibitors as well as visitors. We are fascinated by the enthusiasm for bikes that we have experienced here at the VELO and in Berlin in general.”  Robert Burkhardt, division head at organizer Velokonzept, added: "Tempelhof Field, which is adjacent to the venue and which has been beloved by cyclists since it opened, combined with the rare opportunity to visit the premises and hangar of the famous old airport, made a significant contribution to the attractiveness of the VELOBerlin. We are unbelievably happy that this new concept went off so well. The positive feedback from visitors and exhibitors exceeded our widest hopes. Of course, there are still a few adjustments that we have to make for next year, but overall I am very proud of what we put together here.”

Tempelhof Airport and bike boom enthrall Berlin
From first thing in the morning until late in the day, bike fans poured through the Urban & Lifestyle, Sports & Adventure and Bike & Travel exhibits in hangars 5 and 6. Especially the trend topics handmade, fixed gear and the International Cargo Bike Festival, which was integrated into the VELOBerlin, attracted visitors from well beyond Berlin and Brandenburg, from across Germany and even throughout Europe.

At the same time, the event concept was expanded - more lifestyle activities, more sports themes and especially more side events like races and shows marveled visitors and enticed them to participate. At the same time, the classic focal points of a bike show like consultations, information and sales were in no way shortchanged.
The enthusiasm for bicycles is also bearing fruit in the Berlin, the "bicycle city:” with a pending mobility law and the announcement of efforts to encourage cargo bikes during the bicycle logistics conference on Friday night, Senator and VELOBerlin patron Regine Günther spoke out in favor of this shift in transportation habits in the German capital.

An open air bike experience
In the partially covered outdoor area, exhibitors and suppliers counted thousands of test rides on the Airfield Test Track as well as the various obstacle courses, ranging from the mountain bike course to the mini-velodrom to the trail bike course. The one-of-a-kind racetrack - around the historic candy bomber and in front of the well-known Berlin-Tempelhof sign above the airport - was in constant use this weekend.

At the Berlin bike sport association’s Airfield Race, different age groups ranging from 11 and up to senior citizens competed in criterium races, time trials and elimination events. The Kreuzberger Fahrradmanufaktur’s 8bar crit race drew international stars of the fixed gear racing scene, at Cargo Bike Fans Berlin’s Spring Race, payloads had to be loaded onto to bikes and quickly transported from A to B, and at the Six Day Berlin Kids Race the little ones really had the chance to shine.

The VELOBerlin 2019 will take place from April 27 to 28, 2019, at Tempelhof Airport. Additional information and complementary press photos are available at

Comments on the VELOBerlin 2018
Alexander Hülsmann, Brand Manager, Kalkhoff Derby Cycle Werke GmbH:
"This was a brilliant premiere of the VELOBerlin at Tempelhof Airport with good visitor numbers and ideal testing opportunities out on the airport apron. Kalkhoff will definitely be back!”

Marcel Hollenberg, Marketing and Retail Manager, Giant Deutschland GmbH:
"We are very satisfied with the VELOBerlin 2018. Inside everything was very good and the colleagues at the test track outside were unbelievably busy. A few minor adjustments need to be made, but of course that is to be expected the first time in a new location. Giant will be here again next year!”

Dennis Pleuger, Sales, ABUS Mobile Security:
"We are very satisfied with the VELOBerlin. We were very busy the whole time. It was a very successful premiere in a fantastic location.”
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