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Standardisation and testing for cargo bikes

Jour Lundi, 09/07/2018
Heure 14:00 - 14:45
Lieu Centre de conférences Est, Salle Rom
ConférencierMarcus Schröder
Société/InstitutionEFBE Prüftechnik GmbH

EFBE Prüftechnik GmbH
Marcus Schröder, Managing Director

In English

Germany and France are on the break to pass for the first time  industry standards for private and commercial cargo bikes. Furthermore, a European EN standard for cargo bikes is planned as well. What are the challenges with respect to technical certification and tests for cargo bikes and what are the consequences of the up-coming industry standards for industry and retail? Marcus Schröder will give an insightful overview on recent developments.
Following an apprenticeship as a toolmaker, Marcus Schroeder graduated in mechanical engineering in 1996. After several years of technical and management roles with specialised technology-driven companies, he was lucky enough to be able to merge his passion for bicycles and professional career: He joined EFBE Prueftechnik, the leading test laboratory and test machinery provider to the bicycle and e-bike industry world-wide.

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