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Omni-channel commerce: Shopping experience without barriers

Jour Mardi, 10/07/2018
Heure 14:00 - 14:45
Lieu Centre de conférences Est, Salle London
ConférencierDirk Nölke
Société/InstitutionUnic GmbH

Unic GmbH
Dirk Nölke

In German

As part of the digital possibilities marketing and sales are changing evolutionarily. Today viewing the whole customer journey with all touch points as part of the customer life cycle is fundamental. The key word Omni-channel is more important than ever. The challenges will be shown for companies on their way to an omni-channel company. This affects both the sales and organisational challenges. Following aspects will be shown as part of the talk: Digital evolution in marketing and sales, customer journeys and touch points, integrated view of the customer over all channels, why is omni-channel commerce also an organisational change? Examples: hurdles for the customer, which could lead to a relationship with a customer ending, 5 flops to be avoided, our 5 recommendations for your omni-channel project, a look into the crystal ball, what can we still expect?

12 years working experience in E-Business
6,5 years working experience in E-Commerce and Omni-Channel
Consultant with Project Management and Requriements Engineering Background

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