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Workshop: Trends in Digitization

Jour Lundi, 09/07/2018
Heure 14:00 - 14:45
Lieu Centre de conférences Est, Salle Berlin

Moderation: Thomas Froitzheim, Naviso Outdoornavigation

How digitized are bike tourists, how do their electronic devices interact with each other and what data is available for guest analysis? New studies show which devices, apps and portals cyclists, racing cyclists and mountain bikers are actually using. How important is the "connectivity" - the digital communication between sensors, receivers, clouds and the human being? How can tourism regions use the data their users constantly put on the web? Are we actually controlling the flow of data that surrounds us increasingly?

The digital cyclist - How digital are bike tourists, mountain bikers and road cyclists?
Thomas Froitzheim, Naviso Outdoornavigation

From the spoke to the iPhone - or how digitization also reaches the bicycle
Dirk Sandrock, Momes GmbH

Guest analysis by cloud systems using the example of komoot
Markus Hallermann, komoot GmbH

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