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Klever X-Speed

X Speed

Award   WINNER 2017
Category   E-Bikes & Pedelecs
Company   Klever Mobility Inc.

Klever Mobility redefines the rear-motor driven e-bike with a new iconic design approach. With X Speed the battery becomes a central design theme deliberately marking a difference to traditional bicycles. the “loop frame“ positively integrates the battery unit and its bent top-tube leads to a unisex frame shape with reduced standover height. The sporty dynamic appearance was consciously chosen and highlights the unique power of the BIACTRON-drive train system. The S-Pedelec equipped with a regenerating 600 Watt-motor, Shimano Deore XT-rear derailleur, 11speed cassette, 80 mm travel front suspension fork and hydraulic Magura MT4-e brakes is a true alternative to the car for everyday use.

Outstanding in the following evaluation criteria

  • Degree of innovation
  • Functionality
  • Design

Jury Statement

Thanks to its special design, the X-Speed stands out from other Pedelecs with rear-wheel drive. We were also impressed by the use of high-quality components throughout and the high battery capacity of 850 Wh. The unisex frame provides a platform for various models.