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Contact person

Alexandra Schüttler
Alexandra Schüttler
Project Coordinator
Messe Friedrichshafen
Neue Messe 1
88046 Friedrichshafen
Phone +49 7541-708-424
Fax +49 7541-708-2424


By bike to Friedrichshafen

All information to explore Friedrichshafen by bike.


Bike parking

More than 500 parking spaces for bikes (mostly covered) are available at the West Entrance and East Entrance of the exhibition centre.

Naviki – the Bicycle Sat Nav

 NavikiNaviki is a new type of route planner for cyclists. It enables you to find ideal bike routes conveniently and immediately shows them on a map. Furthermore it allows to record routes and adds them to an impressive individual compilation on Naviki connects all single tracks to a growing network of cycle paths.

Find ideal bike routes and generate your individual compilation of cycle paths!

naviki for iOS | naviki for Android

Hire Bikes: nextbike

During the EUROBIKE a total of 500 hire bikes will be available at the most important locations in Friedrichshafen (airport, stations) and around the exhibition centre (ERIBA-CITY + Camping Park). This way the visitors and exhibitors can make their way to the exhibition centre easily and quickly, and in the evening it’s easy to get back to their starting point.
It is only four kilometres from Friedrichshafen city or harbour railway station to the entrance of the new Messe, a distance easily covered in a good quarter of an hour by bike.

And the best thing about the bike-hire service: it’s not only free, it’s environmentally friendly, too!


Hire process
August 26 - 29, 2015
24h telephone service (+49 30 69205046)
“There is a telephone number on the hire bikes: simply call that number, register (credit card required), and you will receive a number code to open the lock and off you go!”

Staffed hire and return stations:
  • Exhibition site entrance West (all day)

More hire and return stations:
  • Camping Park
  • Main city station
  • Harbour station
  • Airport/DB stop
Free of charge | Registration



Whether before the show starts or after work – Rapha EUROBIKE Invitational Rides enables you to explore the wonderful landscape around Friedrichshafen on a racing bike far away from the hustle and bustle of the show.
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