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Here you will find the résumé of exhibitors of EUROBIKE 2013.


Exhibitors’ Statements 2013

Oliver Hensche, Director, Giant Germany:
"In this, the 25th anniversary year of Giant Germany, the Eurobike was the most successful one ever. Interest in our new collections was huge and in particular our new 27.5-inch and e-bike models give us lots of reasons to look forward to the 2014 season with a great deal of optimism.”

Bernhard Lange, Managing Director, Paul Lange & Co. OHG.:
"The Eurobike 2013 was a complete success. With the official opening speech by Chancellor Angela Merkel, the subject of cycling is now on the agenda at the highest political level, giving it a new momentum which should be taken advantage of in the coming months and years. Of course, we will only be able to analyze the exact figures after the Eurobike is over, but we expect that the number of international visitors will have increased by 10% this year. This makes the Eurobike a huge national and international success. Furthermore, we also noticed a very positive mood, which makes us optimistic. Once again, the Eurobike has impressively shown that it is truly worthy of the title of the world’s leading trade show for the bicycle industry.”

John Glett, Market Leader Germanic Market, Specialized:
"For us, the Eurobike is a very successful show and the result has been very satisfying for us. Our new stand concept went over perfectly with the public and we had many successful discussions with new and existing customers, as well as fans of the Specialized brand. The visit by Chancellor Angela Merkel was an absolute highlight and a great honor for us. It was an important step towards getting more people interested in biking topics.”

Jay Herring, Global Business Leader, Gore Bike Wear:
"Eurobike 2013 provided us with a great opportunity to present our entire GORE BIKE WEAR(R) Outfit Systems to a global audience. This year was another successful year allowing us to connect with our global retail partners, press, end consumers, and the industry. We are excited to be at the fore-front of an industry which continues to grow. This was illustrated by our full stand every day.”

Luca Violetto, Marketing, Wilier Triestina:
"For us at Triestina, the Eurobike is the most important event of the year because it is the main point of reference for our European retailers.”

Konrad Irlbacher, CEO, Corratec:
"The Eurobike went well, we were 100% there from the beginning. All Germans should be proud that the world’s biggest and best bicycle trade show is held in Germany.”

Tamara Winograd, Section Manager Marketing Communication, Robert Bosch GmbH:
"Our stand at the Eurobike was full, full, full from morning to evening. We were very pleased by the great discussions and the super response. Naturally, the visit by Chancellor Angela Merkel was outstanding. This shows that we need to place a new emphasis on the theme of e-mobility, and that this is what is being done. So the Eurobike 2013 was a complete success.”

Marcel Spork, Head of Distribution After Sales, SKS:
"My review of the Eurobike is again very good: A great show, great weather and great mood - as always. We use the Eurobike to talk to our most important customers and to meet with our suppliers. Everything worked out with our stand assembly and we had great visitors, who were also very interested. All of the customers who are important to us are represented here at the Eurobike. We were pleased to have been here again this year.”

Marcus Schneider, General Manager, Sram GmbH Deutschland:
"We are extremely satisfied. The interaction with retailers has also been super. The demand for our products is very good. The mood among manufacturers and retailers is very positive. The slow start at the beginning of the year has now been put in perspective. The basic mood is very positive. We have been at the Eurobike since the beginning and are very satisfied with the show. For us, this is a show with a real celebratory atmosphere.”

Bernd Adamski, Sales and Marketing, Marin Bikes:
"Right now, for us the Eurobike is the most important trade show in the entire world. Here, we get customers from every country in the world. That’s why it’s an absolute must to be here.”

Susanne Puello, Managing Director, Winora Group:
"The visit by Chancellor Merkel was a great honor for us and of course our very special highlight of the show! With the Walk of Bike, we were able to very impressively demonstrate the diversity of our brand’s portfolio and the comprehensive selection of products offered by the entire Winora Group. For many retailers, our Haibike XDuro collection was an absolute favorite, the feedback on our ePerformance collection, the largest in the world, was overwhelming. All-in-all, the Eurobike 2013 was extremely successful for us once again!”

Doris Klytta, Public Relations Manager, Schwalbe:
"The show was very successful for us, as we were able to present a lot of new innovations this year. On the second day of the show in particular, our stand was constantly filled with visitors; that was also day on which we felt we had the most visitor traffic. For us, the Eurobike was a complete success and it remains the most important trade show of the year.”

Jens Haug, Marketing Director Europe, Cycling Sports Group Europe B.V.:
"The Eurobike went very well and was a very successful trade show. We received extremely positive feedback from the media and retailers about our product line. Demo Day in Argenbühl provided us with a successful kick-off of our appearance at the Eurobike. The test rides with Cannondale bikes were very heavily booked and there was also strong demand for GT. The level of orders was good. The quality of the show in terms of exhibitors, stand assembly and spectrum of products is experiencing a noticeable upwards trend.”

Thomas Goebel, Head of the Press Department, Hermann Hartje KG:
"It went wonderfully. We are very satisfied. With our new products we again have a few highlights in our program which have been very well received. The visitors here have been great; to be frank, they’re beating a path to our door. Once again, the Eurobike 2013 was a complete success.”

Ralf Puslat, General Manager, Puky:
"The Eurobike 2013 has once again proven itself to be the absolute world leader among bike trade shows. The opening by the Chancellor certainly raised it up a notch politically. Here the entire spectrum of the global bicycle industry is on display; every variation, every niche is represented - that is something that only exists in Friedrichshafen. We had to make a few compromises in terms of space - we would like to have had a little bit more. We had an enormous level of traffic from international customers and really notice that interest in cycling continues to increase. And because mobility always starts when children are born and take their first steps, interest in children’s bikes is also increasing. We are of course pleased that customers want to facilitate this step with high-quality products.”

Anke Namendorf, Marketing Koga:
"For us, the Eurobike 2013 really went perfectly. We had such an unbelievable level of interest here that we hardly have any brochures left. Maybe that had something to do with our new location in the first row of this hall. Interestingly, very many people have been asking about our F3 series, stylish bikes without electric drive. People notice and respect that we make a great effort for normal bikes as well, of course without neglecting E-bikes. So we are quite happy here; if the roads leading to the exhibition grounds could be made twice as wide, everything would be perfect.

Matthias Faber, Press Spokesman, Bergamont Bicycles:
"Measured by how full our stand is, everything is going very well and we have a lot of visitors here. In contrast to many people’s suspicions that it is getting harder to sell bicycles, we have clearly noticed that the opposite is true. Our products are well-received and we feel more comfortable than ever at the show. At the Eurobike, we meet exactly the clientele that we need. We can do good work here.”

Frank Sirringhaus, Managing Director Sigma Sport:
"Once again, the Eurobike has confirmed that it is the leading trade show for the industry and retail. We meet customers and suppliers from all over the world here. In particular, we are very pleased with the strong interest that has been shown in our first bicycle computer with GPS, the ROX 10.0 GPS. For us, the constructive talks that have given us inspiration and impluses for further development have also been very worthwhile.”

Günter Krauter, Owner and CEO, Cratoni, helmet and goggle specialists:
"This year’s Eurobike went very well for Cratoni. Our new 2014 collection was very well received by retailers and the media and by winning the Eurobike Award we also generated a lot of attention in our product design. For us, the Eurobike, as the world’s leading bicycle trade show, continues to be our brand’s most important appearance in the whole year.”

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