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Here you will find the voices of the exhibitors of EUROBIKE 2014.


Eurobike 2014 – Voices of the Exhibitors

Martin Hsu, General Manager of Kind Shock Hi-Tech Co., LTD.:
“Eurobike was very good. We met 99 percent of all customers here.“

Carsten Zahn, Head of Marketing, Rolf Bohle GmbH (Schwalbe):
“There were masses of visitors here. Went well, met everyone, everything was great!”

Claus Wachsmann, Marketing Project Manager of Cube Bikes: 

“As the world’s leading trade fair in conjunction with Demo Day, the Eurobike is seen by us from Cube as an international event that is enormously important, especially for reaching other professionals in the business. We are absolutely satisfied, because we bring together many of our international customers and distributors here at the fair, and can generally make good contacts.”

Bernhard Lange, Managing Partner of Paul Lange & Co. OHG:
“Once again the Eurobike has shown itself to be the world’s leading trade fair for the industry. Among both industrial and trading partners, we have registered a very positive, optimistic mood in many good conversations that allow us to look forward to the coming season with confidence. In general we can say – also due to the great interest on the part of policymakers, associations, and the general-interest media, such as newspapers, agencies, or television stations – that the subject of the bicycle continues to grow in popularity. It is an integral part of everyday life, leisure behavior, urban mobility concepts, and healthy lifestyles. For us, Eurobike 2014 is in every respect a complete success.”

Stefan Ytterborn, CEO and Founder of Poc:
“Eurobike 2014 was lovely. We had good traffic at our booth, the visitors were highly interested, and we are absolutely satisfied with this year’s show. I am overwhelmed and give it an eight out of ten.”

Frank Sirringhaus, CEO of Sigma Sport:
“We at Sigma Sport.are highly satisfied. We were able to talk with all relevant customers from all over the world. We see a further confirmation of the status of the Eurobike as an international trade fair for bicycles and bicycle accessories. The mood this year was generally very positive, allowing us to rate the debut of our new product concept, the ‘RC Move,’ as remarkably successful.”

Gregory Alan Bible, Creative Director of Dahon Technologies, LTD.:
“Eurobike was great. The response has been amazing and the attendance incredible. It has been fantastic and we look forward to many more years like this. We’ve seen lots of new innovations, and it’s great to see the bike industry strong in Europe and globally. We look forward to being part of it for a long time.”

James Huang, Managing Director of Marwi Taiwan Industrial Co., LTD.:
“Eurobike is wonderful. This year was quite a good show. We met a lot of people and the timing was good.”

Joshua Riddle, PR Manager of Campagnolo:
“Campagnolo has had an overwhelmingly positive Eurobike. We are always content to come to Friedrichshafen, because it’s the one place where you can touch the entire industry under one roof. We brought plenty of novelties to show the world this year, so we were happy to come here. The response was great by the media, industry insiders, dealers, and our OEMs.”

Tamara Winograd, Section Manager of Marketing Communication, Robert Bosch GmbH:
“The Eurobike was again a great success. Despite the larger booth footprint this year, we didn’t have the sense that we were bigger. We were able to reach many dealers and end users as well as again make a strong statement on the subject of the e-bike with our new hot topics of “Nyon” and “eShift.” You can feel that people’s emotions are touched by this and that the interest is great.”

Philip Martin, Marketing Manager DACH, Cycling Sports Group
“It was cool! We had a very successful Demo Day. But with our new booth concept with the brands Cannondale, GT, Fabric, and Sugoi, we landed an absolute hit.”

Werner Forster, CEO of Cycle Union:
“We registered a very long length of stay of our trading partners at the Eurobike. The Eurobike was again quite vibrant as well. In addition to our own Bike Festival, the Eurobike is the most important trade fair presence for us. We see the show in a very positive light.”

Simone Ambrosini, Marketing F.S.A. srl:
“We really liked Eurobike 2014. The organization is very good, and our booth was busy the whole time. It’s an incredible show concept, and we will always be here.”

Konrad Irlbacher, CEO of Corratec:
"For us, the Eurobike went extremely well. We are pleased with the response at the booth and the number of visitors. The visitors showed great interest and flocked to our booth.”

Günter Krauter, Owner and CEO of Cratoni, specialist for helmets and goggles:
“We are pleased with our performance in 2014 and with the way the Eurobike went. We see the interest in placing orders this year as strong, which is quite positive in terms of new orders for the upcoming season. Moving Demo Day to the fairgrounds was a success.”

Shirley Chien, Vice Manager of Kun Teng Industry Co., LTD.:
“We are very happy because here at the Eurobike we can meet many companies and customers and make new contacts. We will definitely be back next year.”

Eric van Haferbecke, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Look:
“We are definitely satisfied. Eurobike is one of the only shows where we exhibit our entire product range, allowing us to achieve international exposure. The attendance was very good. As always, we are excited to start the season in Friedrichshafen.”

Oliver Hensche, CEO of Giant Germany:
“We give a very positive assessment of Eurobike 2014. The ordering behavior in regard to the upcoming season was very positive, and we are seeing a significant increase in orders for the coming year. The world premiere of our women’s brand Liv and the visit of tour hero Marcel Kittel of Giant-Shimano also gave our fair presence strong attention from the media. We see moving Demo Day to the fairgrounds as very positive and as something which the visitors, exhibitors, and media representatives benefit from.”

Fredrik Erlandsson, SVP Communications, Thule Group:
“We look forward to the Eurobike every year. We are always excited to show our latest news, meet friends in the industry, and to feel and see the trends in other parts of the bike business. Last year we launched our award-winning bike travel case Thule RoundTrip, which we will follow up with a model with a softer case this year. The new Thule bike carrier Thule Velo Compact really encapsulates the Thule innovation in the bike carrier category, and our Active with Kids category is growing this year. Eurobike is, and will continue to be, a highlight of the year for Thule. We are already looking forward to the 2015 show!”

Anja Koehler, Marketing Coordinator of Rocky Mountain:
“For us Eurobike is important for connecting with our national as well as international partners and customers. It was again a successful show for us and we definitely saw an increase in traffic and interest for Rocky Mountain.”

Thorsten Kochanek, CEO of Grofa GmbH:
“Eurobike 2014 was characterized by even better visitor traffic and high quality of conversation. This can also be seen against the backdrop of a very good season. We look forward to great interest in our new products; MIPS in particular, represented by our brands Giro and Bell, is definitely an important topic. Demo Day was also well received despite weather that was not optimal. We can offer a summary that is very positive on the whole.”

Ralf Puslat, CEO of Puky:
“In 2014, the Eurobike was once again confirmed as the leading trade fair. Full halls and an unprecedented internationality enabled a wide array of contacts to a global clientèle. The bottom line is clear: The Eurobike is an essential trade fair for us.”

Stefan Scheitz, Head of Marketing, Sport Import GmbH:
“On the first day of the fair, we received 100 percent positive feedback in regard to our entire team. The halls were as crowded as ever, both around Felt and in the parts area. Here we are pleased that our new brands such as Lezyne, Enve, and Muc-Off have received a great response. In this respect, the focus on high-end products is something that brings us forward. On Demo Day, the people were crazy about our Felt E-Lebowsky. The bike never stood still – it’s a good thing that we brought along a turbo charger…”

Anke Namendorf, Marketing, Koga:
“A high-traffic booth and very good conversations allowed us to make a good start into Eurobike 2014. Our F3 line begun three years was well received, and is even being modified in the area of e-bikes, for example. The issue of integration is also becoming more and more important for the bicycle. Koga had a very good season, and our product range was very positively received. For this reason, we are letting several models continue through, allowing us to ensure continuity for dealers and retail customers. After a period of intense innovation, these innovations are gradually beginning to benefit the entire product range.”

Thorsten Mendel, Marketing/PR Manager of Abus KG:
“The Eurobike is a great event that we look forward to every year. For us it means good conversation and good business, and Demo Day, for which we were the helmet sponsor, was also very positive for us. Sure, every now and then someone complains about infrastructure, but that’s the way it is at such a well-attended trade fair, which is also very successful due to its good organization. The response to our products, for which the Eurobike is the worldwide kickoff event, has been very good.”

Sebastian Göttling, Press Spokesperson for Busch & Müller:
“For years our booth at the Eurobike has been crowded with people; that has remained good and is always a nice experience for us. I think it’s especially great that visitors find our Xeltec products as fascinating as we do ourselves. But we need to emphasize that this is only possible with partners who – like us – are specialists in their field. In this context, we also look forward to the Eurobike Gold Award for Curana.”

Tobias Spindler, Head of Marketing, Riese und Müller:
“Demo Day directly next to the fair has proven to be a great idea. Argenbühl was wonderful, but the logistical challenge has been resolved with the new location. The organization of the Eurobike is great, and the supporting program highly professional. This fair has so much to offer, especially in the accessories area. At Riese und Müller, we concluded some very good contracts. We can clearly see that the e-bike market is a growth market. There is no sense of it being a bubble or coming to a peak – it’s just getting started now! In the area of cargo bikes, there are still many possibilities, such as for delivery services; the compact class of 20-inch models is also exciting, along with the whole topic of urban mobility. It is encouraging that the e-bike crowd is getting younger and younger.”

Christina Halasz, PR Manager of Ortlieb Sportartikel GmbH:
“The show is very successful, and our booth is well attended; we also have the feeling that the halls are full. What you find is that the urban themes are very interesting, in the bicycle area as well as in accessories and clothing. That of course fits in well with our new Urban Line. The combination of the trade fairs OutDoor and Eurobike in Friedrichshafen is great for us at Ortlieb; we are totally happy with it.”

Gernot Moser, Country Sales Manager, Bike Sports Vaude:
“For us, the Eurobike still a very important show. This year we were pleased to receive two Eurobike Awards. In terms of visitor traffic, our booth was very well attended; all in all one can say that this is a very successful fair. We also look forward to the end-consumer day as we try out the new event modules and try to understand the whole thing as an event and as an opportunity for direct contact with our customers.”

Patric Gördes, Communication Manager, Gore Bike Wear:
“The Gore Bike Wear team is completely satisfied with the outcome of Eurobike 2014. In this year as well, the fair was a great platform for us to showcase our most important product innovations and unique technologies. Above all, the new ALP-X PRO line was very well received by all our dealers and visitors at the booth, and we look forward to a successful joint spring/summer season 2015.”

Stephanie Müller, PR & Marketing, GONSO Bike & Active
“The Eurobike is the most important exhibition for us. Here we have the opportunity to present our collection to a global audience. Our new collection for 2015 was very well received in the trade and the press. We had many fruitful discussions with existing and new customers and were able to make interesting contacts. All in all, Eurobike 2014 was again a great success for us!”

Anne Gröger, Marketing and Press, Brompton Bicycle Ltd.:
“The show was very exciting; we had many, many interested dealers who also took an interest in the new Brompton colors. People can barely stop smiling, there are so many new products no matter where you look. This is my first Eurobike, and I’m very impressed.”

Anne Richarz, Zwei plus zwei
“As every year, we are very pleased with the Eurobike. The organization works wonderfully. And just as every year, all our regular customers stop by. With regard to new trends, it is noticeable that in the area of children’s accessories, everything is becoming much more modern and younger. That is something we really like.”

Tobias Erhard, Sram
“Our booth is always well attended. This year we have a new concept in which we created our own Sram World. We present our products as high-end products in museum character, and the feedback we have received is outstanding, both from retailers and OE customers. There is strong demand for hydraulic brakes in the road bike area, and another hot topic is single shifting systems. The organization of the exhibition is going great; as every year, we are very satisfied."

Monica Savio, Selle Royal
“Compared to last year, we had 20 percent more visitors to our booth. Everyone is interested in the different projects we are bringing forward. The organization of the exhibition is very good; working from year to year with the same people allows us to find a solution to all our problems.”

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