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More entries than ever before: 430 products from different 27 countries from around the world competed for the EUROBIKE AWARD 2011. A panel of experts selected a total of 59 entries for the award. The ten best products were honored with a EUROBIKE GOLD award on the first day of the EUROBIKE show in Friedrichshafen. The EUROBIKE GREEN AWARD was presented for the fourth time.

The prize-winners of the seventh EUROBIKE AWARD were honored on the first day of the world’s leading tradeshow for the international bicycle industry, EUROBIKE in Friedrichshafen (31 August to 3 September 2011). The international bicycle industry took part in the award with a total of 430 entries from 27 nations from around the world (2010: 417 entries from 26 countries).

A panel of experts selected a total of 59 entries as prize-winners of the EUROBIKE AWARD 2011 in the competition conceived and organized by iF. The ten most convincing products also received a GOLD award. The special EUROBIKE GREEN AWARD was presented for the fourth time - this time to a park and rental station for bicycles. All of the award-winning products are on display during the show in a designated area in Foyer WEST EG on the Exhibition Grounds in Friedrichshafen.

Dirk Heidrich, project assistant for EUROBIKE at Messe Friedrichshafen is impressed: "The awards competition on the 20th anniversary of the EUROBIKE show couldn’t have been better. 430 entries in the EUROBIKE AWARD - a number that breaks all the previous records! The high rate of participation, which included virtually all the world market leaders, is a clear indication of what a solid reputation and what good standing this award has achieved in the industry.”

Jury - Evaluation Criteria - Categories

The EUROBIKE AWARD provides the retail business as well as consumer with orientation. It shows them what is innovative and functional as well as environmentally friendly and sustainable and has developed into an outstanding marketing instrument for the bicycle industry.

Nils Holger Moormann (designer, Aschau am Chiemsee/D), Hans-Heinrich Pardey (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Frankfurt/D), Jack Oortwijn (Bike Europe and Tweewieler, Amsterdam/NL), Ulrike Saade (Velokonzept Saade GmbH, Berlin/D), Peter Feld (Fahrrad XXL Feld GmbH, Sankt Augustin/D) and Dirk Zedler (Zedler - Institut für Fahrradtechnik und -Sicherheit GmbH, Ludwigsburg/D) judged the entries on the basis of the following criteria:

Aerodynamics, efficiency, ergonomics, functionality, utility, design quality, weight, degree of innovation, comfort, loading, brand value/branding, choice of materials, service, safety, stability, environmental friendliness and workmanship.

Entries were accepted in the following 17 categories:

- All-Terrain Bike/ Traveller Bike / Trekking Bike
- BMX-Bike / Dirt Bike
- City Bike
- Cross / Fitness / Speed Bike
- Cruiser / Design Bike
- E-Bike / Pedelec
- Family Transportation / Kid’s Bike
- Folding Bike
- Mountain Bike Downhill / Enduro / Freerider
- Mountain Bike Hardtail
- Mountain Bike Full-Suspension
- Road Bike
- Special-Purpose Bike
- Clothing
- Electronic Components / Components
- Frames
- Accessories

Jury statements

"The bicycle world has never been as colorful before as it is today. The award reflects the great diversity of this industry. Traditional bicycles have reached an extremely high level; there are only small changes in the detail, in the coordination of the components, for example. I see enormous potential in the field of electro-mobility - it’s the market of the future without a doubt. Another important topic was Transport and Mobility: there were some good approaches - for transporting children as well as luggage by bicycle. All of the future technologies were reflected in the EUROBIKE AWARD.”
Dirk Zedler, Zedler - Institut für Fahrradtechnik und -Sicherheit GmbH, Ludwigsburg/D

"The wide range of solution approaches for e-bikes is remarkable, in terms of design as well as for the operating elements and the technical solutions. This segment holds great potential. Many different types of bicycles are now designed as e-bikes right from the get-go - electronic components just used to be an add-on. This creates a consistent implementation and integration of design into technology. Design is also playing an increasingly important role for folding bikes and sports bikes. The Award reflects a good bandwidth of the bicycle market.”
Hans-Heinrich Pardey, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Frankfurt/D

"It was great to see how all the judges dealt with each individual entry. What I liked about it was the high proportion of e-bikes. But I did see a lot of products that have not yet been developed to their full potential in terms of quality. Innovative elements, but no consistent design concept. Automatic gear switching will prove indispensable in the future. E-bike manufacturers will have to better integrate the battery into the frame. The weight of e-bikes will also have to be reduced to make e-mobility, for sports bikes, for example, make sense.”
Peter Feld, Fahrrad XXL Feld GmbH, Sankt Augustin/D

"I saw exciting product innovations in the field of family transportation that are perfectly suited to the urban environment. Alternative mobility concepts for the whole family are very popular. I also saw very interesting products in bicycle apparel and accessories. It’s important that functional products reflect the spirit of the times and prove salable in terms of aesthetics. The number of e-bikes entered was overwhelming with many innovations - it confirms that E-Mobility is a topic of the future for the bike industry without a doubt. The Bike Tower that was presented is an ingenious invention and would ensure that the infrastructure for bicycles and E-Mobility will improve significantly.”
Ulrike Saade, Velokonzept Saade GmbH, Berlin/D

"It was interesting to note that design has become an important issue and that it’s no longer just all about cosmetics. The quality of the materials is increasing and the dedicated workmanship as well. It’s also great to see that cycling is no longer seen just as a sport but is now also being accepted as a kind of enhancing life accessory to an ever-greater extent.”
Nils Holger Moormann, Designer, Aschau am Chiemsee/D

"The general trend towards pedelecs and e-bikes was obvious, with special attention being paid to the new types of drives and options for automatic gear-shifting. Automatic gear-shifting saves a lot of energy - that’s a great new development in e-bikes. The 29-inch mountain bikes are also very trendy. You can see how simple products are easily improved upon again and again.”
Jack Oortwijn, Bike Europe and Tweewieler, Amsterdam/NL

The Award Winners

Of the total 430 products entered in the award, the jury selected 59 as award winners, as follows:

- 48 products received the EUROBIKE AWARD 2011
- 10 products received the EUROBIKE GOLD award 2011 and
- one entry was honored with the EUROBIKE GREEN AWARD 2011.

The ten winners of the EUROBIKE GOLD award 2011

Category: All Terrain Bike / Traveller Bike / Trekking Bike
Product: WorldTraveller 29er - Travel Bike
Company: Koga BV, Heerenveen/Netherlands
Design: Martin Schuttert, Reina Osinga, Mark Dorlandt
Koga BV, Heerenveen/Netherlands

Jury’s Opinion: "One” bike that stands out from the crowd due to its high quality of workmanship. A no-problem bike for long trips with lots of baggage. A really solid story.”

Category: E-Bike / Pedelec
Product: FLYER Cargo - Transport Bike
Company: Biketec AG, Huttwil/Switzerland
Design: Biketec AG, Huttwil/ Switzerland

Jury’s Opinion: "The FLYER Cargo is a transport bike with a really great feature - when the going gets tough, you just switch the motor on. Perfectly implemented. Thanks to its solid frame and the small, sturdy wheels, it’s easy to ride even when it has to carry a lot of weight. It’s easily and quickly adjustable to any size.”

Category: E-Bike / Pedelec
Product: TDR FluxX - Pedelec
Company: Theo de Rooij Bikes B.V., Holten/Netherlands
Design: Theo de Rooij Bikes B.V., Holten/Netherlands

Jury’s Opinion: "A pedelec of the future, which features gear-shifting and automatic motor support. Riding goes easy on the battery to ensure as wide as possible a range. An impressive design - the technology is well integrated. What a great ride!”

Category: Mountainbike Hardtail
Product: Haibike Greed 29 - 29” Carbon Hardtail
Company: Winora-Staiger GmbH, Sennfeld/Germany
Design: Karo Bayer, Felix Puello, Christian Malik, Jonathan Sweet
Haibike Design Team, Sennfeld/Germany

Jury’s Opinion: "The Haibike is an exceptional mountain bike. It is a real eye-catcher: starting with its clean lines, there are colorful accents and then the perfected technology. It doesn’t get better than this.”

Category: Road Bike
Product: Supersix EVO Ult. - Rennrad
Company: Cycling Sports Group, Basel/Switzerland
Design: Cycling Sports Group, Basel/Switzerland

Jury’s Opinion: "A real, no-frills lightweight road bike. With an ingenious frame technology - made really clean. Despite the extremely high innovation, it’s still very good value for the money.”

Category: Special-purpose Bikes
Product: Gekko Trike - Recumbent three-wheel bike
Company: HP Velotechnik Hollants und Pulvermüller GbR
Design: Daniel Pulvermüller, Martin Wöllner, Paul J.W. Hollants
HP Velotechnik Hollants und Pulvermüller GbR, Kriftel/Germany

Jury’s Opinion: "The Gekko trike is a very nice, sporty three-wheeled bike. It doesn’t look like it can be put together in a jiffy and stored in the trunk of almost any car, but it can. Super technology, implemented in the right way. Really great!”

Category: Clothing
Product: Oratory Jacket - Bike jacket
Company: Brompton Bicycle Ltd, Brentford/Great Britain
Design: Brompton Bicycle Ltd, Brentford/Great Britain

Jury’s Opinion: "An elegant as well as functional jacket with lots of bike features: well-integrated reflection strips provide for safety, the cut allows for enough freedom of movement and the material directs perspiration away from the body. Really well made.”

Category: Clothing
Product: Octane SL III - Racing bike shoes
Company: PEARL iZUMi GmbH, Kirchzarten/Germany
Design: Tony Torrance, Philip Majure
PEARL iZUMi USA, Inc., Louisville/USA

Jury’s Opinion: "A real lightweight, but also a heavyweight in terms of design. Most modern materials have been incorporated without any frills in a highly functional, visually very appealing shoe. This is what the shoe world was missing up to now: the choice of materials results in extremely comfortable footwear - as if you were wearing a sandal.”

Category: Electronic Components / Components
Product: AGT - Automatic gear shifting
Company: JD Europe Components GmbH, Bad Nauheim/Germany
Design: JD Europe Components GmbH, Bad Nauheim/Germany

Jury’s Opinion: "Automatic gear shifting of the future: Not only the motor performance, the transmission is also automatically adjusted. This makes it possible to avoid ‘ver-gear problems’, and also saves a lot of energy, which leads to a much greater range. It’s a new trend!”

Category: Accessories
Product: MICHELIN Protek Max - Bike innertube
Company: Michelin Reifenwerke AG & Co. KGaA, Karlsruhe/Germany
Design: Michelin Reifenwerke AG & Co. KGaA, Karlsruhe/Germany

Jury’s Opinion: "A product that’s almost 100 years old that has really been improved: it is virtually resistant to punctures, much easier to fit into the tires and holds the tire pressure for longer. To improve such a daily product so much is definitely worth a GOLD award!”


The EUROBIKE GREEN AWARD, which is given to a product with particularly high ecological and sustainable value, goes to a park and rental station for bikes made by e-bike-mobility in Markdorf/Germany:

Category: Accessories
Product: BT 20-112 - Park and rental station for bikes
Company: e-bike-mobility
a brand of Stone Manufaktur GmbH
Design: Patrick Bartsch, Timo Bartsch, e-bike-mobility, Markdort/D,
MAP Architekten Meckenbeuren/Stuttgart/Germany

Jury’s Opinion: "This fully automatic parking garage and rental station can accommodate from 20 up to 112 bikes - depending on the height, it can be varied for one or up to six levels. A great ecological and efficient concept that really needs a push forward. Thanks to its appealing design and theft protection features, people will be encouraged to use bicycles more than ever before. A really convincing, forward-looking concept that fits well into any city landscape. Powered by solar energy, the garage also does its part to save our resources. It can be used 365 days a year, around the clock. A real innovation: it will first be installed at the main train station in Meckenbeuren in mid-August 2011. As we see it, a real trailblazer for ‘green mobility’.”

>> All prize-winners will be presented in the iF online exhibition on the iF website at

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Biographies of the jurors for the EUROBIKE AWARD 2011

Peter Feld is the partner and managing director of Fahrrad XXL Feld GmbH in Bonn/St. Augustin. In 1990, the toolmaker and bike mechanic took over the business from his parents, who originally founded it in 1954. The business facilities have meanwhile grown from 700 m² to 11,000 m² - Fahrrad XXL Feld is one of the most rapidly growing bicycle businesses in Germany.

Nils Holger Moormann is one of the most successful furniture manufacturers in Germany. The Moormann Company, which was founded in 1992, produces 98 percent of its furniture in Chiemgau in Bavaria; this includes designs from such well-known designers as Axel Kufus and Konstantin Grcic. The furniture collection has already earned many international design awards.

Jack Oortwijn is editor-in-chief of not one, but two, Dutch magazines: Bike Europe and Tweewieler. He started off his career in journalism in 1979 at a motorcycle magazine. After that, he switched to the bicycle magazine, Tweewieler. In 1996, Oortwijn launched Bike Europe, now one of the leading international trade magazines for the bicycle industry.

Hans-Heinrich Pardey has been an editor at the Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung, a national German newspaper, since 1979. One of his main areas is "Technology and Motor”, including the bicycle, all of its technology and utilization. Nowadays, he pedals away (only) about 7,500 kilometers a year.

Ulrike Saade is the managing director of Velokonzept Saade GmbH in Berlin. Velokonzept is the leading agency in Germany that focuses on bringing people and bicycles together - for more environmentally friendly and people-friendly traffic. Saade has been active in the bike industry since 1980. She started at FahrradBüro Crellestraße in Berlin, the first alternative bike store in Germany with a planning office and publishing company.

Dirk Zedler founded his engineering and expert appraisal office for bicycle technology in Ludwigsburg in 1993. After studying car design and production technology at the Technical College in Karlsruhe, he built the first disk wheel covering made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic. The expert for bicycles at the IHK Stuttgart writes for different bicycle magazines - in 2001 he published "Die Rennradwerkstatt”, one of the most successful bicycle repair books. In 2010 he founded Zedler - Institut für Fahrradtechnik und -Sicherheit GmbH, an institute for bicycle technology and safety.