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The international bicycle industry - a truly "innovative business”

Of the 417 products entered in the EUROBIKE AWARD 2010, a jury of experts selected a total of 92 entries as award winners. The twelve most innovative entries were honored with a GOLD award on the first day of the EUROBIKE Show in Friedrichshafen (1 to 4 September). The special EUROBIKE GREEN AWARD was presented for the third time - this year, the award goes to a pedelec that is an E-trike. Twelve of the 148 student entries received the EUROBIKE AWARD Students Category.

The award winners of this year’s EUROBIKE AWARD were honored on the first day of EUROBIKE Show, the world’s leading tradeshow in the international bicycle industry, in Friedrichshafen (1 to 4 September 2010). Of the total 565 entries submitted from 30 countries (417 products and 148 student entries), a jury of experts selected 92 products as winners of the EUROBIKE AWARD 2010. The twelve most innovative product entries were proud to receive a GOLD award for outstanding achievement in design and innovation on the first day of the show in Friedrichshafen on September 1st, 2010. The twelve best student projects were rewarded with the EUROBIKE AWARD Students Category. The special EUROBIKE GREEN AWARD was presented for the third time. All the award-winning products and concepts are on display in a special exhibition in Foyer West EG on the Friedrichshafen Exhibition Grounds for the entire duration of the show.

The international EUROBIKE Award recorded a definite increase in submissions once again this year. With a total of 565 registered entries (417 products and 148 student concepts), the EUROBIKE AWARD 2010 grew by an impressive 41 percent (2009: 359 products and 41 student concepts). It’s particularly encouraging that the award is now receiving more attention on an international scale - entries were submitted from 30 countries (2009: 25 countries).

The Awards

Of the 565 entries in total, the jury presented 104 of the submissions with awards, as follows:

- 79 products received the EUROBIKE AWARD 2010,
- 12 products the EUROBIKE GOLD award 2010,
- 1 entry took home the EUROBIKE GREEN AWARD and
- 12 concepts were honored with the EUROBIKE AWARD Students Category 

The Jury

In order to deal with the large number of student concepts entered, two additional jury members were nominated to reinforce the team. It was their job to find the most innovative student submissions.

The jury of experts was made up of: Olaf Beck (Mountain BIKE / motorpresse Stuttgart), Axel Böse (BICO Zweirad Marketing GmbH, Verl), Ernst Brust ( GmbH, Schweinfurt), Torben Finn Laursen (Cykelportalen, Kvaerndrup/Denmark), Nils Holger Moormann (Designer, Aschau am Chiemsee) and Manfred Neun (European Cyclists’ Federation, Brussels/Belgium). The jurors added to the list to assess the student entries were: Patrick Frey (Patrick Frey Industrial Design, Hannover) and Joachim Möllmann (jojorama produktgestaltung, Hannover).

Jury Statements

"All in all, many of the products exhibited a very high level of quality - you could often see that there was a lot of attention to detail. Lightweight was one of the major topics; it played a large role for accessories and clothing/apparel in particular. We saw a lot of solutions in the Accessories category, especially for "urban bikes”. The bikes are thoroughly styled and designed from start to finish - in short: they reflect the special attitude towards life that cyclists have.”
Olaf Beck, Mountain BIKE / motorpresse Stuttgart/Germany

"In addition to meeting the basic necessities, an appealing, functional design is the most important factor that influences purchasing decisions at the bike shop. Due to the development of new consumer groups beyond the traditional cyclist, the demands made on innovation, functionality and design have increased enormously, particularly in the bicycle industry. The EUROBIKE AWARD has established a solid reputation as an internationally leading seal of quality for product innovations in this industry. However, real innovations seemed to be missing in the E-bike category. A number of important manufacturers have missed out on a real opportunity - they should try to be a little more willing to take a chance in the future.”
Axel Böse, BICO Zweirad Marketing GmbH, Verl/Germany

"There were not enough electric bikes and too few city bikes in the running. All in all, the products entered exhibited high quality. It was interesting to see that the USB connection has found its way into the bicycle world - for the Nano Plus headlight, for example.”
Ernst Brust, GmbH, Schweinfurt/Germany

"We saw some incredibly exciting, good ideas. The complexity of the material has increased impressively. Innovations for everyday use as well. There was also a distinct development from the sports branch to the mobility branch. The GREEN AWARD points towards the future. All-year and all-weather bikes are becoming more and more important. The make-up of the jury was very mixed and constructive, sometimes very obsessed with details.”
Manfred Neun, European Cyclists’ Federation, Brussels/Belgium

"The jury process was very exciting. But I would have liked to have seen more e-bikes. And more entries on the use of environmentally friendly materials in the frames as well. Overall, the products entered exhibited very high quality.”
Torben Finn Laursen, Cykelportalen, Kvaerndrup/Denmark

"I had the impression that the bicycle industry is getting more and more timeless - that timeless solutions are becoming more important. It’s still surprising that the "pedelec”, an important and well-accepted topic, rarely exploits all of its design potential. All too often, the parts don’t seem to match properly and look like they are just "thrown together”; they don’t look like they belong together.”
Nils Holger Moormann, Designer, Aschau am Chiemsee/Germany

We saw few traditional bicycle concepts among the students’ entries, but rather more components like bicycle security, lighting and protection (helmets). As in the "professional” categories, the topic of e-bikes was important and strongly represented. There were the most innovations in this category.”
Patrick Frey, Patrick Frey Industrial Design and Joachim Möllmann, jojorama produktgestaltung, both from Hannover/Germany

Categories and Evaluation Criteria

Entries were accepted in the following Categories: All Terrain Bike/Travellerbike/Trekkingbike (5 entries), BMX bike/Dirtbike (1), Citybike (13), Cross/Fitness/Speed bike (3), Cruiser/Designbike (10), E-Bike (23), Family Transportation/Kids’ bike (10), Foldingbike (6), Mountainbike Downhill/Enduro/Freerider (0), Mountainbike Hardtail (7), Mountainbike Full-Suspension (12), Roadbike (20), Special-Purpose bike (9), Clothes (51), Electronic Components/Components (42), Frames (6), Accessories (199) and Concepts (148), the category in which students were invited to take part.

The Evaluation criteria included: Aerodynamics, Efficiency, Ergonomics, Functionality, Utility, Design quality, Weight, Degree of innovation, Comfort, Loading, Brand value/Branding, Choice of materials, Service, Safety, Stability, Environmental compatibility and Workmanship. 

The prize-winners in the EUROBIKE AWARD 2010

Of the total 565 entries, the jury selected 104 prize-winners. The twelve most innovative product entries also received the GOLD award. In the "Concepts” category, twelve of the 148 student entries took home the EUROBIKE AWARD Students Category. The EUROBIKE GREEN AWARD was presented for the third time.

The twelve winners of the EUROBIKE GOLD award 2010

Category: Racing bike
Product: impec - Racing bike
Company: BMC Trading AG Schweiz, Grenchen/Switzerland
Design: NOSE Design AG, Zurich/Switzerland

Jury statement: "The first carbon frame to be manufactured fully automatically. The tubes are woven individually by machine, seamless and designed to support different loads. An innovative design that enables the production of different sizes and geometries. A great innovation!”

Category: Racing bike
Product: Cervélo R5CA - Racing bike
Company: Cervélo SA, La Chaux-de-Fonds/Switzerland
Design: Cervélo SA, La Chaux-de-Fonds/Switzerland

Jury statement: "Cervélo have all the components it takes to give a racing bike a "strong, solid look”. A statically consistent frame design and the unique aesthetics that are the result make it something special.”

Category: Cruiser/Designbike
Product: schwinn vestige - Urban Bike
Company: cannondale, Allschwil/Switzerland
Design: cycling sports group, Oldenzaal/Netherlands

Jury statement: "The schwinn vestige is very interesting from an ecological point of view. The frame made of flax makes a high proportion of it recyclable. A new material on the scene!”

Category: E-bike
Product: El Primo - E-bike
Company: HiddenPower Inc.
Design: HiddenPower Inc.

Jury statement: "El Primo has its electronic components mounted in a provocatively simple way, without spoiling the integrity of the bicycle’s form. Totally reduced and quite charming at the same time, it reflects the times and appeals to a completely new target group.”

Category: Electronic components/components
Product: (V) ELO COMFORT by REEVO Technology - Drive unit
Company: Alfred Thun GmbH & Co. KG, Ennepetal/Germany
Design: Alfred Thun GmbH & Co. KG, Ennepetal/Germany

Jury statement: "A component group for everyday pedelecs - versatile use for bicycle manufacturers. Based on the bottom bracket solution, a good control unit for the pedelec components. It is symbolic of the pedelecs as a growth segment.” 

Category: Accessories
Product: AXA Nano Plus - Headlight
Company: Axa Stenman Holland, Veenendaal/Netherlands
Design: Axa Stenman Holland, Veenendaal/Netherlands

Jury statement: "The Nano automatically adapts its light intensity and its light distribution to the cyclist’s speed - to provide for greater cycling safety. An integrated USB slot makes it possible to recharge cell phones or navigation systems - a charming extra benefit!”

Category: Clothing
Product: Huez - Racing shoe
Company: mavic sas, Annecy cedex 9/France
Design: mavic sas, Annecy cedex 9/France

Jury statement: "A super-light shoe with a carbon sole - you can see that it’s a real lightweight at first glance. In other words: a product that looks like speed.”

Category: Accessories
Product: SCHWALBE Marathon - Touring tires
Company: Schwalbe - Ralf Bohle GmbH, Reichshof/Germany
Design: Rene Marks, Martin Müller from Schwalbe -
Ralf Bohle GmbH, Reichshof/Germany

Jury statement: "A real classic that has belonged to the most sustainable products for the last 25 years - now already being manufactured in the fifth generation. It stands for innovation and durability and can now even be used for e-bikes. A company can’t react to new demands quicker than this.”

Category: Mountainbike full-suspension
Product: CUBE AMS super HPC - Mountainbike
Company: Pending Systems GmbH & Co KG, Waldershof/Germany
Design: Gregor Dauth, Harald Lucas and
Graphics: Ute Kempter, Wolfgang Rössler from
Cube Innovation Center, Waldershof/Germany

Jury statement: "A lightweight with a consistently implemented gear and brakes group and a really well-designed appearance. For the CUBE, everything has been thoroughly planned - right down to the last detail. A new-generation bike that makes no compromises.”

Category: Accessories
Product: SQlab 611 active - Saddle
Company: SQ-lab GmbH, Strasslach/Germany
Design: Tobias Hild, Dr. Stefan Staudte, Dr. Markus Knöringer from
SQ-lab GmbH, Strasslach/Germany

Jury statement: "A saddle that prevents the usual saddle discomfort. Thanks to its cushioned side movement, the saddle follows the natural pedaling action. Three different elastomers, which come included, make the hip movement adjustable. Simply very well made.”

Category: Accessories
Product: Burley Travoy - Bicycle trailer system
Company: Burley Design, Eugene/USA
Design: Aaron Beese, Joel Wilson, Gwen Spencer, Chris Casler
Burley Design, Eugene/USA

Jury statement: "The Travoy is a trailer concept designed to transport all kinds of different things you need every day - an impressive contribution to bicycle mobility. Versatile use provided by a variety of different pockets and can also be used for shopping without the bike. A good idea that has also been well implemented.”

Category: Accessories
Product: Augsburg M - Bike bag
Company: VAUDE Sport GmbH & Co. KG, Tettnang/Germany
Design: VAUDE Sport GmbH & Co. KG, Tettnang/Germany

Jury statement: "An uncompromising bicycle accessory that is very well made. A stylish bag that can also be used for shopping in the city. It doesn’t look like a bike bag. Very nice to look at, the fashion aspect was most certainly taken into account.”


The third EUROBIKE GREEN AWARD, presented to a product that exhibits particularly high ecological and sustainable value, goes to a pedelec as a recumbent trike with a foldable fairing from Hase Spezialräder from Waltrop, Germany:

Category: Special-Purpose bikes
Product: KLIMAX - Recumbent bike with fairing
Company: Hase Spezialräder, Waltrop/Germany
Design: Hase Spezialräder, Waltrop/Germany

Jury statement: "The KLIMAX is an outstanding product designed for environmentally friendly, everyday mobility - in any weather: a pedelec with a folding fairing, which can be mounted in seconds, if needed. It offers great riding comfort as well as real riding fun. The KLIMAX E-Trike is competition that can be taken very seriously by the upcoming category of electric cars. In contrast to the cars, it is an existing, well-developed product that has all the advantages of a bicycle: it does not require a driving license, it does not require insurance, it can be ridden without a helmet and can ride anywhere where bicycles are also allowed to ride. As a bike, it has no limitations whatsoever and is affordable for many consumers. Its overall eco-balance is considerably better than that of an electric car. And it also shows that pedelecs as electrically supported bikes are now available in many different consumer-friendly versions - starting with city bikes to compact, folding and trekking bikes and right on up to the groups shown here of what are called recumbent bikes. The KLIMAX from Hase is not only fun to ride, it is also a pioneer in the "Green Mobility” movement.”

>> All the prize-winners are presented in the iF online exhibition on the iF website at

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Biographies of the jurors of the EUROBIKE AWARD 2010

Olaf Beck (*1966) is the publisher of MountainBIKE, RoadBIKE, outdoor, klettern and planetSNOW, all popular German sports magazines. Very early on, he discovered his passion for mountain-biking and has successfully participated in mountain-bike/cross-country and downhill races. The graduate in engineering has been active in the field of bicycle journalism since 1991.

Axel Böse (*1968) has been the managing director in charge of Purchasing, Sales and Products at BICO Zweirad Marketing GmbH in Verl, a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, since 2006. All in all, Böse has already been active in the bicycle industry for more than 24 years: from 1994 to 2001, he built up Bicycles AG in Biele¬feld, was an assistant to the Management Board at ZEG in Cologne and a Key Account Manager at Cycleurope. He is considered as an insider with excellent knowledge of the industry.

Ernst Brust (*1953) formed GmbH in Schweinfurt, a services center for product safety with a special focus on "muscle-driven devices” in 1991. Three years before that, he was the head of the technical department at Winora-Staiger, a bicycle manufacturer also located in Schweinfurt. In addition, he has been traveling the country as an authorized expert, trade journalist and lecturer since 1992.

Torben Finn Laursen (*1959) has been responsible for "”, the Danish online bicycle portal, since 2003. Prior to that, he was employed as a technical editor for the Cycling magazine at the Danish Cycling Federation from 1999. He has also worked as a freelance moderator for Cykelmotion Denmark. Laursen has been an avid touring bike cyclist for more than 30 years.

Nils Holger Moormann (*1953) is one of the most successful furniture producers in Germany. The Moormann Company, which was founded in 1992, has 98 percent of its furniture produced in Chiemgau in Bavaria. This furniture includes the designs of such well-known designers as Axel Kufus or Konstantin Grcic. The furniture collection has already received a variety of different international design awards.

Manfred Neun (*1950) is the president of the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF), the umbrella organization of European cycling clubs, to which associated members from around the world also belong. Neun is also the partner of a consulting company specialized in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), IXcoaching & consulting, located in Memmingen. He was also the chairman of the German Bicycle Wholesale and Export Trade Association and lectured at a total of four universities from 2004 to 2007.

Subsequently nominated jurors for the Students Category:

Patrick Frey (*1973) studied Industrial Design at the Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts. With his office, he has worked for such well-known brands as BREE, Authentics and Elmar Flötotto since 2007. In the first year that he was self-employed, he already won coveted awards with his work.

Joachim Möllmann (*1975) completed his study of Industrial Design at the Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts and at Brunel University West London in Great Britain. Together with three partners, he formed jojorama produktgestaltung, an agency in Hannover in 2003. Since then, jojorama has already won a number of important design awards.