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Press releases

An overview of all press appointments is provided here.

Final Report
The Eurobike presents itself as the hub of the bike world
27th Eurobike generates new impulses - Pedelecs as industry drivers - 37 379 high quality, international industry professionals - Broad support for future Eurobike concept
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Comments about the 2018 Eurobike
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Award Winner 2018
Eurobike Gold Award reflects the many facets of the bike market
Eurobike 13 Gold Awards and two Green Awards - thematic diversity demonstrates developments within the industry
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Start-Up Award Winner
Eurobike Start-Up Award goes to five winners
Grand stage for young companies in the bike industry - Separate panel of judges and pitches before an audience for the first time
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Eurobike press tour
The bicycle moves into the fast lane
The bicycle is conquering every sphere of life - The press tour for the leading trade exhibition Eurobike previewed a number of innovations
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EUROBIKE-Industry Discussion Panel
German Bicycle Industry Well Satisfied with Season Results
Mood Barometer for First Half of 2018
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Eurobike Media Days
Product premiere event scores with top global bike industry press
Eurobike Media Days 2018: Top conditions for test-driving premiere models offered to 22 exhibitors and 165 journalists from 19 countries
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July 31 to August 3: Eurobike sets the dates for 2019 and goes BtoBtoC
A new date and a proven concept: The 2019 Eurobike moves to a later date with industry and consumer dialogue ¬- Eurobike Media Days take place from July 2 to 4, 2019
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New E-mobility hall provides a glimpse of a promising future for the bicycle
New trade show concept for the Eurobike Rothaus Hall / A1 - Cargo bike area - Prominent names among the exhibitors
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Eurobike Award 2018 goes to 40 winners
40 winning products at Eurobike Award 2018 - twelve receive a Gold Award - two Green Awards for sustainability
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E-power brings new momentum to Eurobike 2018
1,400 exhibitors exhibit new trends and innovations - e-bikes on the rise - numerous new cargo bike developments
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Star-Up Pitch
Clear the stage for twenty entrepreneurs and their products
Start-Up Pitch on the day before the show highlights young bike companies and innovations - Open to all bike fans - Free admission
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With E-power and a new concept, the Eurobike 2018 is looking ahead to the future of bike mobility
The 27th Eurobike upgrades with a myriad of innovations - Trend towards e mobility and cargo bikes
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E-Bikes and digitalization are harbingers of change for bicycle tourism
17th Eurobike Travel Talk - Conference for the tourism and bicycle industry - More than 30 expert presentations
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New Eurobike concept attracts large numbers of new exhibitors
Exhibition space at Eurobike 2018 sold out - About 100 new exhibitors - The most new exhibitors hail from Germany
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The premiere of the bike festival at Tempelhof Airport excites the German capital
VELOBerlin 2018 Final Report
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Eurobike offers start-ups a big stage
New Start-up Academy; Eurobike launches Start-up Pitch Award
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Eurobike Media Days 2018
Eurobike Media Days 2018: A tailor-made compact event that captures the imagination
Eurobike Media Days 2018: Debut in new surroundings - the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis region extends invitation to authentic setting and backdrop directly before leading trade fair
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Eurobike 2018 launches service offensive
New retail first concept for retailers and the bicycle industry - Optimized shuttle service expanded to five airports - special international offer with Lufthansa
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Clever Eurobike visitors use bikes to get around
Messe Friedrichshafen creates an incentive system for cyclists - Cooperation with Radbonus
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Cargo bikes are a hit
Government gives the industry a powerful "push” forward - New focus at the Eurobike
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VELOBerlin 2018: Bicycle festival of superlatives
Great response from all sides to the bicycle trade fair in Germany’s capital
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Welcome to the 14th Eurobike Award
Registration opens for industry award - valuable orientation and guidance in an innovative market - new initiatives for start-ups
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A New Look for the Eurobike
An expression of future mobility: The Eurobike has a new look
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New e-hotspot at Eurobike 2018
Rothaus Hall A1 transformed into the new topic world of "E-Mobility Solutions” - core exhibition framed by a variety of events
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Eurobike 2018: Unique display window for bike mobility of the future
Booking status at top level - 1,350 expected bicycle, accessories and parts exhibitors from all over the world - Strong demand for e-mobility
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Asia Bike 2017 final report
Asia Bike Trade Show & Demo Days 2017: Leading the Way for Future Trends
Biking for children and pedelecs trending - New dates for 2018
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Comments about the Eurobike 2017:
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Eurobike 2017 Final Report
A full trade show house for the Eurobike 2017
26th Eurobike: 42,590 industry visitors (2016: 42,720) from 101 countries - An additional 22,160 bike fans on Eurobike Festival Day - 1,654 media representatives - New trade show concept for 2018 met with broad approval
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Eurobike Award Ceremony
Eurobike Gold Award indicates benchmarks for innovation and design
Presentation of the Eurobike Awards - Eleven companies receive Gold Awards - Green Award for sustainable innovation
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Zweirad-Industrie-Verband ZIV - Industry figures
E-bike market continues to grow - sales of bicycles declining
An assessment of the business climate for the 1st half of 2017
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Bike outfitters have exciting new innovations in store for the Eurobike
Innovative accessories providers - The first accessories especially for E-MTBs - New materials offer more protection
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Eurobike setup fine-tuned for 2018
Eurobike 2018 with a compact, concentrated new concept: Eurobike Media Days moved to Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis in Tyrol, Austria: Event now geographically and chronologically closer to the flagship trade show
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Eurobike Press Conference
Innovations at Eurobike: From the bicycle sock to the lock that sounds an alarm
Press conference of the Eurobike presents the new bicycle products for 2018 - Electric motors still trending - Looking for "200 kids for 200 years” on Festival Day
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Eurobike 2017
Eurobike 2017 to welcome many newcomers
About 100 new exhibitors - Important impulses for the bike market - Prominent names and startups
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VELOBerlin at Tempelhof Airport starting in 2018
New venue for the bike festival in Germany’s capital
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Eurobike Award 2017
Eurobike Award 2017 produces 43 winners
13th Eurobike Award - 43 winning products - eleven receive a Gold Award - one Green Award and for the first time ever five Start-up accolades
More information
Kids go crazy for e-mountain bikes
Bike industry at the Eurobike in Friedrichshafen looks for new target group
More information
Varied and many-faceted program
Fascinating presentations at the Eurobike Academy - Women in focus as a target group - 200 years of bikes and the Eurobike party
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An electric wave is rolling towards the Alps
Crossing the Alps on an e-bike - Tourism industry sees great potential
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Bike wear is becoming more sustainable and diverse
Suppliers increasingly use environmentally friendly materials - Functional bike wear suitable for everyday use is in demand
More information
New perspectives open up for cycling sports - with and without the "e”
Trends in the mountain bike and racing bike segment
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Eurobike Travel Talk 2017: New trends in international bike tourism
16th business exchange about tourism themes of the future with prominent speakers to take place at Lake Constance
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E-bike equipment manufacturers double down on innovation
2018 an exciting year for e-biking: Hardware to be smaller, lighter, smarter, and more seamlessly integrated into bike designs
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The e-bike of the future is a bicycle
High speed of innovation in the e-bike sector - Bicycles with electric drives and traditional bicycles converging in appearance
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Testing of innovations in South Tyrol wins over manufacturers and journalists of the global bike industry
Eurobike Media Days 2017: Successful testing of product premieres at a new location in South Tyrol - Optimal conditions for 24 exhibitors and 217 journalists from 18 countries
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The Eurobike attracts more and more startups
Young companies enliven the bike industry - leading trade show offers them the perfect platform - Eurobike Awards to feature start-up category
More information
The bicycle is being transformed into a vehicle and going digital
With electrification, the bicycle has reached its next evolutionary stage - Digitalization increases, both with and without electric drive - Eurobike exhibits new trends
More information
Dynamic markets require dynamic trade shows
Bicycle market continues to change - Eurobike, the industry’s leading international trade exhibition, shows the way ahead
More information
Eurobike Award registration open - now including for innovative start-ups
Gear up for the Eurobike Award 2017: Closing date for registration 12 July 2017
More information
Cyclists purchasing more high-end e-bikes
Bicycle market figures
More information
Many paths lead to the bicycle
Company-vehicle privilege for bicycles becoming more and more popular - Initiatives to promote cargo bikes
More information
Eurobike 2017 headed for success
Booking status at the top level of the previous event - 1350 bike participants from around the world expected - strong demand for e-mobility
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New Platform for Bike Bloggers: The Wriders’ Club
A transparent portal for bike bloggers and the industry - Blogger’s code ensures quality
More information
3 is the winning number: Global bike industry in favor of a three day Eurobike 2018
Results of the exhibitor survey: The Eurobike 2018 will last three days from July 8 to 10
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New concept
Eurobike gears up for new changes
Leading trade show continues to evolve: Eurobike 2017 with B2B plus Festival Day - Eurobike 2018 starts on Sunday, July 8 with B2B focus only
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Asia Bike 2016: Strong connection between the Asian and European bicycle markets
Final Report: Asia Bike 2016
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Eurobike 2016 - Exhibitor Comments:
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Final Report
The 2016 Eurobike puts the global bicycle industry and bike trends in the limelight
25th Eurobike comes to a close with 42,720 trade visitors and 34,400 bike fans - International participation rises to 106 countries - 1766 journalists from 41 countries - Eurobike 2017 with one Festival Day
More information
Bike industry celebrates winners of the Eurobike Award
51 winners, twelve Gold Awards and one Green Award - Prize-giving ceremony on the first Eurobike evening - Products on show in the Innovation Area
More information
Industry has a solid start into the cycling season
An assessment of the business climate for the 1st half of 2016
More information
Overview of the 2016 Eurobike
Premiere-packed trade exhibition at Lake Constance offers the most complete overview of the industry
International bicycle trade expo starts on Wednesday, August 31, 2016 - Festival Days taking place from Saturday to Sunday, September 3 - 4, 2016 for the first time - Demo Area offers five days of nonstop test opportunities
More information
A playground for all bicycle fans: The 25th Eurobike launches with Festival Days in 11 areas
Anniversary edition of the international bicycle trade show to provide increased audience engagement with Festival Days - action, tests, and music acts
More information
Biking is even more fun with these Eurobike innovations
From August 31 to September 4 2016, the 25th Eurobike will present the newest trends in bikewear and accessories for the coming season
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E-Bike Trends
2017 will be an exciting e-bike year
A flood of premieres: Eurobike 2016 to show the pedelec trends of the 2017 season - Large test fleet at the Eurobike Festival Days on the weekend
More information
Say goodbye to the fear of long uphill climbs
Mountain bike trends at the Eurobike from August 31 to September 4 - Electronic gear shifting systems, variable suspensions and adjustable shock absorbers - New trend: Bike packing
More information
Newcomers enter the world stage of the bicycle industry at the Eurobike
25th Eurobike: First-time exhibitors at the bike industry’s flagship trade show
More information
EUROBIKE TRAVEL TALK 2016: A focus on new trends conference on bicycle tourism
Eurobike Travel Talk celebrates 15th anniversary - Spotlight on current themes, with business speed dating and walking tours of the Eurobike
More information
"FanTESTic”: Event for New Products Scores with Global Bike Sector’s Top Customers
Eurobike Media Days 2016: testing event for new products with even more manufacturers and media visitors - perfect conditions for 24 exhibitors with 27 brands and 210 journalists from 20 countries
More information
Eurobike: the Most Important Date in the Bike Business
New study finds that at the Eurobike, German bike dealers will meet about 85 percent of their suppliers
More information
Eurobike and Taichung Bike Week join forces
Leading international trade show Eurobike takes an active role in OEM event in Taiwan’s bike metropolis - New matchmaking tool will optimize business processes.
More information
Biking Trends 2017
The Mountain Bike of the Future - 36 Gears?
Biking trends of 2017: What will the 25th Eurobike bring to light?
More information
HERO Südtirol Dolomites is Eurobike’s new Main Tourism Partner
International bike fair spotlights the Dolomites Hero in South Tyrol with a four-year partnership
More information