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Clever Eurobike visitors use bikes to get around

Messe Friedrichshafen creates an incentive system for cyclists - Cooperation with Radbonus

Friedrichshafen, Germany - Eurobike is the leading international trade fair for the bicycle industry, but the majority of visitors to the fair up to this point have been traveling by car to the exhibition grounds at the gates of Friedrichshafen. This is to change in the future: For Eurobike 2018, Messe Friedrichshafen and the provider of the app Radbonus will be launching an extensive campaign to stimulate cycling traffic in the vicinity of the exhibition grounds.

For distances of up to five kilometers, the bicycle is faster than the car in urban traffic. With an electric propulsion system, the bicycle can beat the car even at distances of up to ten kilometers (source: Germany’s Federal Environment Agency And even cyclists without an electric drive system only take a few minutes more than a car driver over this distance. Incidentally, ten kilometers is the radius in which some 50% of Eurobike participants spend the night.

"The bicycle industry is trying hard to show the world that bicycles are not just an equivalent but actually the better means of transport. However, at the industry’s leading trade fair, the vast majority of trade visitors and exhibitors have thus far been traveling to the exhibition grounds by car, even from a short distance. In this case the aspirations of market participants for their own product and its use/reality do not yet fit together. We want to change that,” says Klaus Wellmann, CEO of Messe Friedrichshafen and himself a regular bicycle user on his commute to his workplace. If only one in five people from Friedrichshafen and the surrounding area were to switch to cycling during Eurobike, traffic jams and the search for parking would be history.

In order to boost cycling traffic around Eurobike, Messe Friedrichshafen is now launching a comprehensive campaign for 2018, which will be implemented together with app provider Radbonus. The Radbonus app records the bicycle kilometers traveled by each user and rewards them with a bonus system - sort of like "frequent-flyer miles” for cyclists.

Within the framework of Eurobike and with the aid of the Radbonus cooperation, the most authentic brands will be selected - namely those of the exhibitors whose stand personnel have used Radbonus to collect the most bicycle kilometers on their way to and from Eurobike. In order to further encourage the cyclists among the Eurobike exhibitors, we will be highlighting the intermediate results of the competition on each day of the trade fair so that visitors can cheer for their favorite brands over the entire duration of the fair. And the Eurobike exhibitor with the employees who cycle more than any other exhibitor’s employees will receive a corresponding award and above all a lot of good PR,” explains Eurobike project manager Dirk Heidrich.

Radbonus will also lure trade visitors into the bicycle saddle for Eurobike: Attractive prizes will be raffled off among all trade visitors who collect bicycle kilometers with the app during Eurobike. The grand prize for participating bicycle dealers is the opportunity to go along on the Velobiz dealer trip to Taiwan.

Irrespective of the various battles and challenges with Radbonus, Messe Friedrichshafen and the city of Friedrichshafen are also stepping up their efforts to expand the infrastructure for cyclists in the vicinity of Eurobike. For example, Eurobike will be offering guarded and spacious bicycle parking at both main entrances to the exhibition grounds, with charging facilities for e-bikes, a lock rental service, and a repair station. In addition, 500 Nextbike rental bicycles will be available for free use by visitors during the Eurobike in Friedrichshafen. Last year Friedrichshafen also saw the groundbreaking ceremony for the new speedy "Veloring” cycle route, which will span the city on Lake Constance in a semicircular seven-kilometer cycle route, making the journey to the exhibition grounds faster, safer, and more convenient for cyclists.

"We want to challenge the industry not only to put its focus on business but also to put its values into practice during Eurobike,” says Klaus Wellmann, CEO of Messe Frankfurt.

The 27th Eurobike will be open from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm from Sunday, July 8, to Tuesday, July 10, 2018, and is only accessible to trade visitors and accredited journalists. For more information, visit: and