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Bike outfitters have exciting new innovations in store for the Eurobike

Innovative accessories providers - The first accessories especially for E-MTBs - New materials offer more protection

Friedrichshafen - The latest developments in the bicycle market will also be reflected among accessories providers at the next Eurobike, taking place from August 30 to September 2. The increasing share of bikes with e-drives in the MTB segment is giving rise to the first gear and accessories innovations for e-mountain bikers. In addition, many innovations are also centered on protection against the elements and smart sports electronics.

Models with electric drive support are becoming increasingly relevant in the mountain bike segment. Accessories providers also know this and at the Eurobike they will be presenting the first products intended especially for this target group. One of them is Amplifi (A4-200e), the Allgäu-based specialists for bags and protective gear, who with their new E-Track model for the new season are presenting a backpack especially e-mountain bikers. The bag’s trump card is its padded inner compartment in which a replacement battery can be stored. The rider is also safeguarded by the bag’s integrated CE-certified back protector.

Another trade show first can be found at Alpina Sports (A4-401) - a piece of gear that protects cyclists from serious damage when a bike trip ends with an unexpected flight through the air. At first glance, the new Rootage looks like an all-mountain helm with a modern cut, but a closer look reveals that the helmet’s innovative shell is made from carbon fiber. Weighing 350 grams and costing 179 euros, the price and weight of the new Alpina helmet are typical for its segment, but its carbon shell offers a significantly higher level of protection, especially against falls onto sharp objects.

Another innovation related to bike helmets can be found at the stand of the Scottish company Endura (A7-201), which in industry circles is best known for its high quality apparel. In addition to an EPS shell, the new MT500 bike helmet from Endura relies upon the honeycomb-shaped material Kyroyd, which is already in use in other protective equipment. As an additional shock absorbing element, Kyroyd is intended to spread the force of an impact equally across an area, thereby significantly reducing the danger of serious skull and brain injuries compared to conventional helmets.

Anyone who has been frustrated by the sometimes complicated process of installing and adjusting bike computers will be especially pleased to learn about a new product from Sigma Sport. The new Pure GPS bike computer from the specialists in sports electronics based in Germany’s Palatinate region needs no external sensors and also requires no adjustment. In terms of price, at 89.95 euros the Pure GPS is only marginally more expensive than traditional bike computers. For that, the new bike computer also has new GPS-specific functions, like the ability to record and analyze new routes taken by the mountain biker.

One innovation that is directly related to e-bike accessories, even though it is being introduced at the Eurobike by an e-bike provider, can be seen at the stand of Haibike (B2-300). For the development of its 2018 models, Haibike has teamed up with locksmith Fidlock and developed a modular, magnetic adapter system for bike accessories. Starting with next year’s models, customers will find a rail in the frame of e-bikes from Haibike onto which a variety of visually elegant Fidlock adapters, such as those for water bottles, a bike lock or a bike bag, can be secured. The same system can be used to attach a second battery to the e-bike.

In summary, at the Eurobike it’s worth not only paying attention to the latest new products from the large bike manufacturers, but also taking a closer look at the many different providers of gear and accessories.

While the Eurobike will be reserved for retailers and the press during its first three days, on the last day of the show (Sunday, September 2), Eurobike Festival Day, it will open its doors for all bike fans. More information is available at