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Eurobike 2016 - Exhibitor Comments:

Siegfried Neuberger, Managing Director, Zweirad Industrie Verband (ZIV):
"We were convinced by the Eurobike 2016 - including its new concept. That is our impression and that is what we also heard from many of our members.”

 Bernhard Lange, Managing Director, Paul Lange & Co. OHG.:
 "For us, the 25th Eurobike was certainly a good show. We had very good discussions and we could tell that the mood among retailers is definitely positive - also because of the weather, which thankfully has improved in the last few weeks. However, it must also be said that we have felt a noticeable decrease in the number of German trade visitors. In the coming weeks, we will thoroughly analyze all of the factors that are responsible for this development and, in an intensive exchange with the Eurobike, will consider how and if this trend can be halted or even reversed.”

Volker Dohrmann, Brand & Marketing Manager, Stevens Vertriebs GmbH:
"Dealer traffic at the Eurobike was very good, we experienced a good atmosphere and had time to conduct consultations. We see order activity at the same level as last year. We stand by the Eurobike and like the location of the show. This atmosphere and the opportunities to test out the products would be inconceivable in a large city.” 

Tamara Winograd, Director of Marketing and Communications, Bosch eBike Systems:
"2016 is the year of the e-bike. More and more people are getting interested in this intelligent, economic and ecologically sensible form of mobility. That was clear at the Eurobike. At Bosch eBike Systems, we are pleased that, through our ideas and our dedication, with our products and services, we have been able to make a decisive contribution to this development. E-biking has now become more than just a trend - it has arrived in the mainstream of our society. The Eurobike is an important component of this success story and offers the industry an ideal platform to draw attention to new developments and improvements. Bosch set new standards again this year: DualBattery, a combination of two Bosch PowerPacks, supplies up to 1000 watt hours for long distances, steep inclines and heavy loads.”

Sandra Wolf, CEO, Riese & Müller GmbH:
"For us, there is no question that we will go to the Eurobike. It is the leading trade show for the bike industry, not just in the German-speaking world, but internationally. This is where we meet interested parties from across Europe and around the world. The new concept for the show paid off, because it made logistics much easier. The new hall layout is excellent for us, because we now have more space at our disposal. For us, the Eurobike is not only a trade show for orders, it is also a platform for us to present Riese & Müller. We have been able to welcome many of our established customers, as well as new people, some of whom come from very different sectors, who are interested in our products.”

Dirk Niermann, Executive Director, Hebie GmbH:
"For me, the Eurobike is a way to advertise ourselves and the industry gets a lot of media attention here. We are very satisfied with the 2016 Eurobike and have experienced the same positive response as last year. The decision to go with the three day option was the right one. Our appearance was successful and compact and we met everyone we wanted to. Efficiency is important to us.”

Reto Aeschbacher, Marketing Division Manager, Scott Sports S.A.:
"The Eurobike is the platform where you can really present yourself as an industry player. This is where the bicycle market really makes a very broad impact, whether it be in regard to retail, in the business community, in the media or towards consumers, We are certainly operating in a very challenging environment right now. That makes it all the more important that we work together to present ourselves as an industry.”

Falk Pewestorf, CEO, Alpina Sports GmbH:
"We are very pleased to come to the Eurobike in Friedrichshafen every year. Here, we can meet more of our German and international customers than we do at any other trade show. The number of visitors to our stand in the first two days was intense. Friday was a little quieter, which gave us the opportunity to conduct extended conversations with customers, partners and media representatives. Our 2017 collection was very well received and after a difficult season because of the weather, we were very pleased with the good number of pre-orders. The restructuring of the halls also had no impact upon our successful appearance at the show.”

Peter Croonen, Sales and Marketing, Bioracer:
"We are very satisfied with this year’s Eurobike. Our stand was always well frequented and at times was almost too full, which is why we are considering booking a larger stand next year. On the one hand, this would give us more room to conduct discussions with our customers, but also to present our products in an even better way. We were especially pleased about receiving the Eurobike Award for our Epic Bibshort Women - this honor shows us that our innovations are also being recognized by independent jurors. As a result, the media interest at our stand was very strong. The women’s area was also a nice new feature at the show and our product fit perfectly with that theme.”

Malte Köttgen, Managing Director, Bico Zweirad Marketing GmbH:
"We are fundamentally very satisfied and feel very comfortable here. From the organizational side as well, everything was very relaxed and went smoothly. Like very year, the conditions for a quick and efficient setup of our stand were excellent - in the most attractive hall with good traffic.”

Felix Pieper, Brand Manager, Grofa/Look:
"The Demo area has been very well received. We have offered a large number of product tests; generally the show has had a very good start. At our stand - Grofa as well as Look - we are absolutely satisfied. Feedback regarding our products and the redesign of the Look brand has been very good.”

Ulrike Saade, CEO, Velokonzept:
"The international bicycle tourism conference Travel Talk celebrated its 15-year anniversary this year and for the Eurobike successfully proved how the bicycle and tourism industries profit from one another. 264 participants from over 30 countries attended lectures and panel discussions on the themes of digitalization, mountain bikes, cooperation and women as a target group. For the business speed dating event on the show stage, ten exciting companies were successfully brought together with tourism organizers.”

Doris Klytta, PR Manager, Schwalbe Ralf Bohle GmbH:
"We are really very satisfied with how the show has gone so far. The mood is good and the interest in our new products, such as the new all-season Marathon GT365 tires and our gravel and e-bike tires, is very strong, even if it seems like fewer dealers have made the trip to Friedrichshafen.”

Guido Müller, Managing Director, Busch & Müller:
"There are a lot of visitors, like every year. For us, the restructuring of the show has changed something for the better: We got an even larger stand, so that we could spread out a little bit and better present ourselves. We also moved more towards the front, which meant that we also experienced more visitor traffic.”

Florian Konietzko, PR Coordinator, Rocky Mountain Cycles:
"Like always, we had a full house, all of our visitors were positively impressed. For us, it was the best Eurobike of the last few years. We like the new concept - it meant that we had three days for media and dealers and then the opportunity to bring our products closer to consumers.”

Stefan Stiener, CEO, Velotraum:
"We were able to surprise all of our visitors - no one had expected something like the new E-Finder from us. The exciting thing is that a hardcore bicycle supplier like Velotraum can also achieve an image transfer with e-bikes. The two consumer days and the direct feedback that comes with them are very important for us. That’s because, for us, it isn’t the boss who pays our salaries, but the customers.”

Peter Kühn, PR Manager, Ortlieb:
"I have the impression that there is a whole lot happening and that we have very many visitors. We are in a new hall and have a significantly larger stand, so all in all we are very satisfied. We have a focus on three topics: Bike Packing as an absolute trend topic, then the Velocity on Demand backpack as an individual product, and our Rack Box, which is made from a material that is new to us, and which is currently attracting a lot of media attention.”

Anke Namendorf, Marketing and Communications, Koga:
"The Demo Area is better than the old e-bike course. We have had more dealer interest there, and we of course expect a lot from the Festival Days for consumers. The new position of our stand is great. We had very good visitor traffic.”

Mario Freiherr von Pallandt, CEO, Limar Deutschland:
"In terms of quality, the show was again at a very high level. The Eurobike continues to be a trade show with a very strong international orientation. However, we had the sense that fewer German specialty retailers were there.”

Torsten Mendel, Marketing/PR Manager, Abus KG:
"For us, the 2016 Eurobike went well as expected, also because there has been a lot of traffic at our stand, like every year. With our products for component security, we are offering an entirely new segment that has been very well accepted by dealers as well as the media side. The helmets are also going over well. It is the world’s leading trade show and it is full. We are expecting a lot from the new Demo Area, because dealers and consumers alike will have more time to test the products. Like in the last few years, we are providing loaner helmets, and they have been very well received.”

Markus Chiba, Manager, Chiba:
"As the only German manufacturer of athletic gloves, for us the Eurobike is the most important platform to present our innovation, the BioXCell bike gloves that prevent your hands from going numb, to our German and international contacts.”

Tobias Erhard, Marketing Manager, Sram:
"We are very satisfied with the show, especially with our new location. We have a larger stand and with it we can better present our product ranges. We are also very satisfied with visitor traffic here at the stand. It has been full the entire time and we have noticed strong demand for the Sram Eagle, our twelve-speed mountain bike drivetrain.”

Anne Schmidt, Croozer:
"We are very satisfied. The number of dealer visits to our stand is actually exactly as it has been in past years. The consumer days are very important to us - aside from the fact that it is just fun to show the products to users. The people want to touch the bikes and try them out. That’s what it was absolutely clear to us that we would participate in the two consumer days.”

Uwe Gottschalk, Manager of Products Division, Vaude:
"For us, visitor numbers at the show have been very good. We are very satisfied with the feedback that we have gotten about our products. In addition, we were able to crow about our beautiful Eurobike Award, which also made us very happy.”

Susanne Puello, Managing Director, Winora Group:
"We have had a successful start to the Eurobike; the response to our collection was very positive, for Haibike as well as Winora. We have optimally positioned the brands in relation to one another - urban mobility and sporty e-performance. So that means that we are able to present a wide variety and that has been very well received.”

Jonas Stolzke, Founder, My Boo:
"The Eurobike is a great opportunity to get to know new bike specialty retailers and to inform your regular dealers about new innovations.”

Katja Schlecht, Sales and Marketing, Marin Bikes:
"Overall the show went very well. We are very satisfied with the visitor numbers; the first two days were sensational. Visitor interest on the Festival Days was good.”

Sandro Antoniol, Branch Manager, Campagnolo Deutschland:
"We moved from Hall A1 to B2 and we like it here very much. We have had a lot more visitor traffic and have barely been able to get away from the stand. As a supplier for bike manufacturers, the first days are very important to us, but at the same time we also want to appeal to consumers. Above all, we want to try out the new concept.”

Carine Wagner, Cycles Lapierre:
"The Eurobike went very well, we had fewer visitors overall. The possibility to test the products outside, in front of the halls, is a good idea. On the first two days we had 90-150 tests, on the third day we had 120. We are very satisfied with that.”

Eu-Wen Ding, Co-Founder, Lumen Labs:
"Our goal was to meet media representatives, distribution partners and dealers. The show was an excellent possibility for us to get to know people in the industry. Furthermore, we were very interested in presenting our product to consumers. There was more happening at our stand on the Festival Days than on the Business Days.”

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