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Biking is even more fun with these Eurobike innovations

From August 31 to September 4 2016, the 25th Eurobike will present the newest trends in bikewear and accessories for the coming season

Friedrichshafen - The bike industry takes great pleasure in developing new bike models that make cycling lighter, faster and more comfortable year after year. But even a tour with the best bike is only half as fun without the right equipment. This is especially the case when the weather is less than bike-friendly. Now, with the newest bikewear and accessories trends that will be on show at the Eurobike from August 31 to September 4, 2016, every day is a bike day, even when temperatures drop well below freezing.

The Giro turns 30

Until about 30 years ago, racing and mountain bike enthusiasts had to make a lot of compromises if they wanted to pursue their passion in inclement weather. Raincoats for cyclists were either waterproof or breathable. The combination of both qualities in a single membrane is today considered a pioneering achievement by the American technology company Gore, which presented its Gore-Tex jacket Giro, its first product made especially for cyclists, in 1985. Of course, technically a lot has happened since then. At the upcoming Eurobike, the bikewear supplier will present a new edition of the classic jacket that includes new fabric functions, such as the shake dry effect: after a single quick shake the jacket that was soaked just a few minutes ago is now completely dry in just seconds. At 100 grams, the weight of the jacket is also fascinating.

Cold, colder, Minneapolis

Nowhere in the United States is the winter as cold as it is in Minneapolis. In winter, cold polar air blows across the plains north of the metropolis on the Mississippi. Temperatures of -30° C (-22° F) are not uncommon. Thus, it’s no surprise that this is where 45Nrth, one of the leading brands of winter equipment for cyclists, is based.
The Americans are bringing their new Wølfgar bike shoe to the Eurobike, where it can be seen at the Eurobike stand of distribution partner Cosmic Sports. But bike shoe almost sounds like a trivialization: the comfort zone of the fiercely impressive bike boot is -31° to -12° C. That is to say, you can hardly stand wearing the boot in warmer temperatures. Anyone looking for footwear more suited to foul weather in central Europe will also find plenty to choose from in the product range of 45Nrth.

Everything in view

When considering safety, many cyclists not only think about clothing, but especially about their bicycle helmet. The question of whether to wear a helmet or not is especially easy to answer if your own pedal power is effectively doped up by 250 watts of support from an electric motor. That’s even more true if the helmet is made as cleverly as the new Haptic HUD Helmet from the Dutch e-bike specialists Diavelo. The highlight of the new bike helmet, which by the way also blazes a daring new visual trail, is the heads-up display integrated into its visor. Drivers of luxury limousines are already familiar with this technology: important parameters, such as speed or navigation instructions, are projected onto the windshield. The technology in the helmet was developed jointly with the German e-bike equipment supplier Brose.

No performance without comfort

Without a doubt, function and weight are important in bikewear, but if the item doesn’t fit, even the best technology is uncomfortable and thus useless. Professional cyclists agree that comfort makes a significant contribution to performance. One bikewear supplier that has always embodied this philosophy is the German company Gonso. The company based in Albstadt, Baden-Württemberg is considered by industry circles to be the developer of functional Lycra shorts for cyclists and is also bringing a new innovation in comfort for the 2017 season to the Eurobike. The new Relax Gel Comfort seat padding from Gonso uses different gel inserts that are stitchless and trilastically integrated into the clothing.

During the Eurobike’s Festival Days, that is on Saturday and Sunday (September 3 and 4), bike fitting guru Dr. Kim Tofaute will be at the Gonso stand offering free measurements and advice about the perfect bike setup (prior registration required).

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The opening hours of the Eurobike 2016: 

BUSINESS DAYS: Wednesday, August 31 to Friday, September 2, from 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.: Trade visitors only
FESTIVAL DAYS: Saturday, September 3 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sunday, September 4 from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Please note that the EUROBIKE is only open to the public on the FESTIVAL DAYS (Saturday and Sunday).