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Eurobike Awards for the crème de la crème

56 award winners - including eleven Gold Awards

Friedrichshafen - The Eurobike Award is one of the most prestigious design awards in the bicycle industry that a company can receive for its products. Yesterday evening, 56 manufacturers celebrated in style after learning that their new products had been awarded the illustrious seal of quality at the leading international bicycle industry trade show. Eleven of them received a Gold Award and one company was given a Green Award for a product that represents not only outstanding design, but also sets a new benchmark for sustainability.

This year saw 500 hopeful entries for the Eurobike Award. The industry design award was organised for the first time in association with the German Designer Club (DDC) and the six-person expert panel selected 56 products to receive a Eurobike Award. During the award ceremony yesterday, at the end of the first day of the show, it was revealed which products had won a Gold Award or a Green Award.

"The Eurobike Award denotes products that represent outstanding design, quality and functionality. However, even within this select group, there are products that stand out. These exceptional products set new standards and push the envelope in the industry. They are the winners of the Eurobike Gold Awards,” explained Stefan Reisinger, Head of OutDoor/Eurobike, Messe Friedrichshafen.

Winners of the Eurobike Gold Awards 2014:

Commuter - Canyon
Canyon is well known for its racing bikes and mountain bikes. Its new Commuter model now also shows that it’s equally at home on urban streets. The Canyon bike designers have devoted a great deal of attention to giving both the frame and components a coherent look.

What the judges had to say: "In terms of appearance, we’ve rarely seen an urban bike that reinterprets this theme as radically as the Commuter from Canyon. The bike’s understated design is very elegant. There was virtually no other competition entry where we so quickly agreed that it deserved a design award. As judges, we view the Gold Award for this product as an incentive to the bike industry to dare to venture into more design.”

Elite Hybrid HPC SLT 29 - Cube
Cube has gone to great lengths with its Elite Hybrid HPC SLT 29 to open a new weight class for e-mountain bikes. At its heart is the high-quality, lightweight carbon frame, which houses the Bosch drive unit in a shock-resistant and elegant manner.

What the judges had to say: "At last an e-mountain bike that’s also low in weight. With its consistently light frame Cube is pursuing a different path to other suppliers and that’s something we applaud. This manufacturer has listened very closely to consumer wishes.”

ST2 Sport - Stromer
The ST2 Sport from Stromer is a further development of the ST1 model, which was well received in expert circles due to the successful integration of its drive components. With the ST2 Sport, the Swiss manufacturer is going one step further. This applies to the motor, user interface and battery and in particular, for the first time, digital connectivity to a proprietary cloud-based platform for interaction with a smartphone.

What the judges had to say: "The design and functional aspects of the Stromer are very coherent. Integrated optics, smart online integration and a drive that works very well. This is the direction that needs pursuing.”

Schaap Jacket - Triple2
The Schaap Jacket from sustainable bikewear specialist Triple2 is made from Tecnowool, a fabric that combines the natural look of wool with the technical advantages of synthetic fibres. It features an integrated membrane to keep rain out and a lambswool lining for insulation on colder days.

What the judges had to say: "Initially we would never have guessed that this was a functional cycling jacket. It’s also ideal for day-to-day wear. And consists of recycled material.”

Kickr - Wahoo
The Kickr indoor bike trainer from American manufacturer Wahoo has more than just smartphone integration with bluetooth and ANT+ technology. It features a new design, where the back wheel of the road or mountain bike is taken off before it is placed in the trainer. The Kickr also enables particularly accurate power measurement.

What the judges had to say: "The trick with this trainer is that (in contrast to other conventional indoor bike trainers) the back wheel is taken off. The Bluetooth connection that allows a direct hook-up with a smartphone is also very practical.”

Vial Evo D - AX-Lightness
Carbon specialist AX-Lightness is showing what is technically possible with its Vial evo D. The bike, which is nearly completely manufactured in Germany, has exceptional test results for weight and riding stability. Despite this, the Vial Evo D is a racing bike suitable for daily use and for riders weighing up to 170 kg.

What the judges had to say: "With this bike AX Lightness sets the bar higher for carbon-frame bikes. But it’s not just the weight and rigidity that are unusual in this racing bike, the frame, fork and the majority of the components are German-made.”

Dealer Center - Winora Staiger
The Winora Staiger Dealer Center is a well-thought-out point of sale tool for its retail partners. A 23” touchscreen display provides detailed information about the manufacturer’s product range and availability of individual models. In addition, various apps enable rapid access to specialist product information.

What the judges had to say: "This presentation medium for point of sale use will inspire people for cycling. As judges, the online applications’ menus and contents look superb and well thought-out. The application’s design is state of the art.”

Rafael-r-023 Ueberbike - Rafael
Heidelberg-based manufacturer Rafael has completely redesigned the triathlon bike with its Ueberbike. Combining one-sided hung wheels with integrated brakes provides not only particularly good aerodynamics, but also allows quick repair of defect tires in a competition.

What the judges had to say: "This triathlon model fully lives up to its name of Ueberbike. It looks fantastic. Parts attached to the bike have been cleverly integrated. You hardly see the merest hint of a cable anywhere. This really is an innovation. For us judges it was love at first sight.”

Aeroad CF SLX - Canyon
Canyon’s Aeroad CF SLX incorporates a synthesis of aerodynamics, stiffness and lightness, without making any sacrifices on comfort. This is made possible by consistent system integration of frame and components.

What the judges had to say: "This bike set the pulses of the designers in the judges’ panel racing in particular. Graphics and styling score full marks. The design goals which included aerodynamics, rigidity and comfort have all been applied very consistently.”

ilu - Curana
Belgian bike equipment specialists Curana and German light manufacturers Busch & Müller worked together to design this attractive bicycle light, which is integrated into the mudguard.
What the judges had to say: "Elegantly integrating a bike light is a massive challenge. Busch & Müller have pulled this off especially well in their ilu. Here the light’s attractively integrated in the mudguard - a superb design.”

Transformer X - Topeak
Topeak, the Taiwanese bike accessories expert, is offering a portable bike stand and pump combo with its Transformer X.

What the judges had to say: "This new combination of a track pump and bike stand is really very clever. This is a very practical solution, particularly for sports bikes that normally don’t have their own stand.”

Winner of the Eurobike Green Award 2014:

Munich-based Velospring has been awarded the Green Award for its shock-absorbing Sen Comfort bicycle grips. The Eurobike Award judges were impressed by the exceptional haptic characteristics of the high-quality wooden grips and in particular by the company’s consistent implementation of sustainable measures. "During testing, the ergonomic wooden handles impressed us because they immediately felt pleasant to touch. The extra suspension is also immediately obvious. This product offers functional added value with material from sustainably managed, domestic forests. We were convinced that this combination deserved a Green Award,” said the Eurobike Award expert panel.

The German Designer Club (DDC) was also full of praise for the bicycle industry following its first involvement in the Eurobike. "The bar for good design is set very high in the bicycle market. And the industry has now reached a level that would have been unthinkable a few years ago. In this respect, the value of a Gold Award for a company cannot be overstated. The design award pays tribute to the exceptional achievement of those companies on the receiving end,” said Michael Eibes, Designer and Chairman of the Board, DDC.

Visitors to the Eurobike will be able to see all 56 winners of the Eurobike Awards, including the  Gold Awards and the Green Award until the final day of the show (Saturday, 30.08.2014) in the Foyer West. More information about the award winners, expert panel members and German Designer Club (DDC) is available from Eurobike online at:

Eurobike Award expert panel 2014
Felix Boehlken has been an editor at Motor Presse Stuttgart since 2001. He was a member of the MountainBIKE magazine team for five years before moving to help found RoadBIKE magazine. Right from the start Felix Boehlken was involved at the publishers in introducing and developing innovative bike and equipment testing methods, some of which have gone on to become industry standard. He is an enthusiastic mountain biker and downhill fan - who has crossed the Alps on both MTB and road bike.

Bernd-Uwe Gutknecht is an ARD Sport reporter who has worked in journalism for over 25 years. He has interviewed hundreds of people, heard hundreds of stories and told hundreds of stories himself. He holds a degree in sports science and his specialist areas are sport, travel and science. In addition, he is a triathlete who has completed, among other things, three Ironman triathlons, and is an enthusiastic cyclist who has competed in the Oetztal Cycle Marathon. Since 2003 he is regularly involved at the Eurobike as a reporter or moderator.

Claudia Maiwald is General Secretary Verkehrsclub Deutschland (VCD - the German association for sustainable mobility). As an industrial designer, she has been actively involved in environmental and climate protection for over 20 years. Cycling is one of her main focuses. Maiwald uses a bicycle for nearly 100 percent of her own daily transport requirements. On a recent longer cycling trip, she rode the Berlin - Copenhagen Cycle Route to the Danish capital, where she thoroughly tested the city’s extensive and innovative infrastructure. "Cycling is fun, keeps you fit and is good for the environment - promoting cycling is far-sighted and is crucial for the future of our cities,” she says.

Pete Mijnssen is publisher and editor-in-chief of Velojournal, Switzerland’s most popular cycling magazine. He’s been involved in the bicycle industry for 25 years and is still passionate about what he describes as the superior mode of personal transport. In his opinion, bicycles are the most important and practical form of urban transport. He also rides a racing bike for training purposes and enjoys taking part in fun races. For the mountains, he prefers his touring bike or his mountain bike.

Nils Holger Moormann is a designer and lives and works in Aschau am Chiemsee, Germany. Fascinated by design, he broke off his law studies in the early 1980s and moved as a self-taught expert into the furniture industry. In 1984, Nils Holger Moormann founded his own company - which now has an internationally respected and multiple award-winning furniture collection. He is a passionate cyclist.

Markus Walcher joined the family business, Fahrrad XXL Walcher, in 2011. He has been joint managing director together with his father since 2012. Outside of work he is also an active cyclist - mountain biking in winter and on his road bike in the summer. Apart from the sporting benefits, he sees cycling as important way of maintaining a work-life balance and clearing the mind. It also gives him the chance to test out products himself. Fahrrad XXL Walcher has company premises of over 10,000 m², up to 11,500 bicycles and 48 employees.