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VELLO Bike+ Titan


The Austrian bike manufacturer VELLO presents an ultralight titanium version of its quick folding and self-charging pedelec VELLO Bike+. A real eye-catcher equipped with the ZEHUS 3-in-1 technology and Schlumpf gearing.

Already in the last season VELLO stirred up the market with its self-charging and quick folding Bike+. For this new season, the Austrian bike manufacturer is setting an even higher standard in terms of comfort with the introduction of its pedelec Bike+ featuring a significantly reduced weight. Thanks to the ultralight titanium frame, belt drive and sophisticated details, the new e-bike VELLO Bike+ Titanium only weighs 11,9 kilograms. Both in terms of design and technology, the new Bike+ Titanium represents the state-of-the-art that incorporates Zehus’s 3-in-1 technology. Through the integration of the motor together with the battery and sensors, the bike can determine exactly the inclination of the slope and provide for a super-efficient energy recovery for speeds up to 25 km/ h. Speaking of recuperation: all of the Bike+ models as well as the titanium version offer an almost infinite range thanks to four efficient sensors and the unique KERS technology (kinetic energy recovery system) commonly used in Formula 1 racing.
Surplus energy – created, for example, when riding down an incline of -1% or more – is fed into the battery and keeps its charge level constant in the lowest of the six pedal assistance modes (100% energy recovery). When it’s set in the mode for maximum engine performance and conventionally charged, the 160-Wh battery lasts for approximately 30 to 50 km in full-power mode. The icing on the cake is the option to equip the Bike+ Titanium with the Schlumpf Speed Drive gear system. A kick with the heel is enough to change the gear setting, thereby enabling to speed up to 30-35 km/h manually at a comfortable cadence.
Those who wish to save on additional kilograms on the bike can choose the Airborne 1 or the Airborne 11 Alfine models without the e-assist. With only 8,9 kg for the Airborne 1 or 9,9 kg for the Airborne 11 equipped with eleven gears, it provides for the perfect transmission, even without electric tailwind.
The patented folding mechanism, the Gates belt drive and its ultra-light weight makes the titanium model the ultimate smart commuter bike either for the use in cities or for longer journeys.

Riding from A to B flexibly with the VELLO fleet
VELLO has been conquering the city streets since 2015, and there’s much more ahead. In addition to the deluxe models BIKE+, Bike+ Titanium and Airborne, the Austrian company makes three other chic models with no electrical assistance. With its minimalist design, the VELLO URBANO is meant for riders seeking a comfortable ride through the city: it offers eight speeds, a comfortable saddle, and moustache handlebars with cushioned grips. The versatile ROCKY is designed for all terrains and can find its way through any city jungle. With 10 speeds and top-quality trekking-bike components, it can master cobblestones, parkways, and steep side-streets with ease. VELLO ROCKY features deep treads and straight handlebars for reliable touring. Finally, having won the “Red Dot: best of the best” award, the SPEEDSTER trumps all as an agile city runabout. With carefully selected and lightweight racing-bike components, this racer combines stability and speed and is extra-fast, even without pedal assistance. Narrow high-pressure tires and sleek racing-bike handlebars allow for an aerodynamic posture with minimal wind resistance. All VELLO models fold up to H: 57 cm, L: 79 cm and W: 29 cm. For the connoisseurs among folding-bike fans, VELLO offers the perfect folding bike for every occasion and for every use – and in stylish designs, too.

VELLO from Vienna produces high-performance and ultralight urban folding bikes, with and without electric assistance. To master diverse demands, especially in the city, the internationally acclaimed designer Valentin Vodev developed a bicycle that combines innovative technologies and a signature design in order to offer solutions to known urban challenges: for example, problems switching between bike riding and public transportation and theft protection. The VELLO bike is especially light, compact and agile, and features 20-inch wheels, integrated lights, and a specially developed and patented folding mechanism. In just a couple of seconds it can be carried into public transportation, loaded in the car, or taken on an airplane, and folded for storage in the apartment and office.
The VELLO bike is available in four different models, with or without electric assistance: Urbano, Rocky, Speedster, and since 2017, VELLO BIKE+ with e-assist, also available in titanium as of 2018. The models are made for a variety of riding styles in the city and are equipped with top-quality city-, trekking-, or racing-bike components. In 2015, VELLO bike received the highest distinction in the design world, the Red Dot Award “best of the best,” followed in 2017 and 2018 by the European Product Design Award and Good Design Award.

Size:1.66 MB
Dimension:4000 x 1626 px
33.87 x 13.77 cm
Resolution:300 dpi

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Valentin Vodev
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