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VELLO Folding Bikes Corporate

Unleashing the future with VELLO bike

A Viennese company is about to turn folding bikes into the perfect companion for a contemporary, multimodal mobility world.

The VELLO bike is the brainchild of Valentin Vodev, and it derives from his inner drive to create innovative, modern forms of mobility for cities. How can familiar things be improved and enriched with more integrated forms and functions so that surprising and new solutions emerge? The award-winning industrial designer has been developing vehicles for urban commuting either on commission or through his own initiative for well over 10 years – from research and prototyping to the actual production of the commercially mature product. The idea of the VELLO bike led to his decision to join forces with entrepreneur Valerie Wolff to build a folding bike manufacturing company.

From the Caribbean to the metropolis
The initial spark for VELLO came from a personal trip to the Caribbean in 2013: a two-wheeled companion was needed that would easily fit in the car, the airplane, and on public transportation. The rest is history: The first generation of VELLO bikes was enthusiastically received by the Kickstarter community in 2014 and triggered international attention and press coverage, in addition to winning important design awards. The second generation saw an optimized folding mechanism and improved details, and more design prizes followed. The breakthrough then came in 2018 with their market-ready VELLO Bike+ with electric drive: it combines the advantages of a conventional model that folds in seconds, is ultra lightweight and has a minimalist design with a revolutionary electric drive. Thanks to its pedelec motor with K.E.R.S. technology, the e-version VELLO BIKE+ offers a potentially infinite cruising range. “This is how folding bikes can increase their relevance for city use: more than the usual 50 km can be mastered comfortably, recharging isn’t needed in the best-case scenario, and when the weather doesn’t play along, it can just be taken along on the subway,” says Vodev, describing his design concept. More is in store for 2019: with its overall weight of 11.9 kg, the VELLO Bike+ titanium model is a true lightweight among the folding e-bikes and a technical masterpiece.

Partnership with expert retailers
VELLO values the close cooperation with specialist retailers, and looks into introducing their urban folding bike into international metropolises. "We have set up partnerships with retailers in the DACH region as well as in Belgium, Great Britain, Australia, Thailand and the Far East. Our goal for 2019 is to deepen our retail network in the partner countries and, above all, to strengthen our presence in Germany“, says founder Valentin Vodev who manages the company together with Valerie Wolff. "For that, we are looking for retailers with technical expertise and an equal amount of passion“, adds Valerie Wolff. In line with their quality-control strategy, the Viennese intend to grow organically, and they are therefore planning to increase their production volume moderately up to a four-digit number for the 2019 season.

Size:1.6 MB
Dimension:2000 x 1600 px
16.93 x 13.55 cm
Resolution:300 dpi

Mollardgasse 85a/I/87
1060 Wien

+43 6606 683556

Valentin Vodev
Stand No: A2 - 407
Paul-Heyse-Str. 29
80336 München


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