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Exhibitor releases

World premiere: Gekko 26, a trike for everyone

Attractive entry into the world of recumbent trikes: full riding pleasure under 2000 Euro

Friedrichshafen. With the Gekko 26 HP Velotechnik expands its product range by a striking segment. This world novelty is the answer to an exciting development in the trike market: "Interest in recumbent trikes such as the foldable Gekko or the Scorpion with full suspension has skyrocketed in recent years," reports General Manager Paul Hollants. Many cyclists can imagine themselves on one of the sporty and comfortable trikes instead of an upright two-wheeler nowadays. Until they see the price tag. The high prices for special bikes due to small series and individual equipment are not feasible for many people.

"The Gekko 26 makes a modern trike affordable for many," says Hollants: This trike breaks the price barrier of 2,000 euros, but is technologically right up front: hydraulic disc brakes, aluminium frame with 10-year warranty, adjustable net seat and two steered wheels in the driver's field of vision clearly convey the message of a premium vehicle. It will be presented at the Eurobike at the booth of HP Velotechnik (Foyer East, FO 106) for the first time.

The apparent contradiction "high-quality bike – attractive entry price" is made possible by the combination of several factors. The Gekko 26 is simpler in construction than the other trikes of the manufactory: It is not foldable, instead you can load more weight (up to 150 kg). Also new: The bright yellow vehicle with a 26-inch rear wheel is pre-configured. The customer can confidently pass over the thousands and thousands of specialist variants that the HP Velotechnik kit otherwise has to offer. This simplification ultimately saves one step in assembly: Previous trikes left the factory ready to be driven, but with the Gekko 26 specialist retailers put the finishing touches to it. They carry out final assembly of the trike as well as they adjust it to the individual needs of the rider all at once.

Hollants outlines the concept as follows: "The Gekko 26 with a noticeably higher seat than our foldable Gekko models appeals to a target group that recognises the ergonomic comfortable seat, the dynamic driving characteristics and the intuitive, casual handling of a trike, but overall was limited by its budget. With the new concept, the manufacture, which has also been very successful in exports, is also targeting new, price-sensitive markets such as in Southern and Southeastern Europe. The Gekko 26 will be available in specialist shops from July 2018 and costs 1,990 Euro in the basic version. Further information: or phone 0 61 92 - 97 99 20.

Exclusive additional information on the Gekko 26 for editors

The basic equipment of the Gekko 26 is fixed – but the customer can still choose some components individually as accessories: These are parts such as luggage racks, mudguards or lighting systems as well as comfort accessories such as hand rests or rain protection.

Despite the "Keep it simple" philosophy: the typical genes of the tricycles from HP Velotechnik are also present in the Gekko 26. The driving dynamics typical of tadpole trikes combined with very good controllability thanks to the two steered front wheels. The typically casual sitting position is maintained thanks to the adjustable lower handlebar. Even though the Gekko 26 has the highest seating position within the Gekko family at 38 centimetres, this is still moderate in comparison with the entire trike line-up of the Hesse, i.e. the rider can get in easily, but at the same time enjoys the good all-round vision and the good turning performance of this tricycle class. In comparison: The fully suspended Scorpion plus models from HP Velotechnik, especially designed for physical therapies, are considerably higher (up to 57 cm), the race model Scorpion (28 cm) is very low.

The trike for everyone also plays a huge role in the USA. There the trike market has a completely different dynamic due to the numerous war veterans. Making the highly acclaimed "Made in Germany" accessible to a larger number of people, was an impetus from the US.

E-Bike ready: For the Gekko 26 there is no motorization possible with the first purchase. Nevertheless, it can later be upgraded to a CE-compliant pedelec at the HP Velotechnik factory with both systems offered by the recumbent bike manufacturer: either the STEPS bottom bracket motor from Shimano or the premium system GO SwissDrive, a rear-wheel hub motor with numerous extras such as reverse gear or individually programmable engine settings.

Despite the very early date of the Eurobike Innovation Show in 2018 and the usual delivery cycle: The Gekko 26 is available in stores immediately after the show!

Technical data Gekko 26
Basic model, selected components on request

Frame: Gekko 26 (Aluminium 7005 T6),
10-year warranty
Color: Limegreen
Tires (v): Road Cruiser by Schwalbe (f: 20"/r: 26")
Seat height: 38 cm (mesh seat)
Seat angle: 39 – 47°
Bottom bracket height: 40,5 – 49 cm
Brakes: 2 x Shimano BR-MT200
(hydraulic disc brakes)
Gearing: Sram X4 8-speed (24 speed)
Length: 175 – 210 cm (adjustable for riders
with body height from 160 – 200 cm)
Wheel base: 109 cm
Width/Track width: 83 cm / 78 cm
Ground clearence: ca 18,5 cm
Turning circle: ca 4,7 m
Height: 83 cm (seat in steepest position)
Weight: from 16,9 kg
Max payload: 150 kg
Price: from 1.990,– Euro
Available: available in specialist shops

Further information (only for editorial offices) from Alexander Kraft (Press Officer HP Velotechnik), 06192-97992283 or 0160-99858794;
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