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Coboc ONE eCycle

Light – lighter – the new Coboc ONE eCycle

The Coboc eCycle, Coboc’s first big success and ferocious debut appearance on the stages of the bike industry, was awarded with Eurobike Gold in 2013 for the first-ever fully integrated drive system.
Now in 2018, the reissue of Coboc’s original pedelec model, the new eCycle, will once more shake the industry: Boldly pushing the limits for lightweight e-bikes worldwide, it will be produced at a standard total weight of only 11 kg. This is largely achieved by strategically incorporating several carbon fiber components, such as fork, saddle support, handlebar and wheels but also the silent and maintenance free Gates Carbon Drive™, which allows for immediate power transmission. Speaking of power, the new eCycle is equipped with the lighter and quieter Ansmann engine. Contrary to other models in the Coboc fleet, the initial torque is measured directly at the rear wheel, not the conventional bottom bracket, enabling immediate acceleration. And in signature Coboc manner, the drive components are kept invisible, embedding the 350-watt-hour battery elegantly inside the down tube. Streamlined by its minimalistic design, this agile single-speed maxes at 500 W engine power and asks to be raced off at traffic lights. By the way, the Coboc App will turn your Smartphone via Bluetooth into a board computer, allowing for an individual configuration of riding parameters.

About Coboc
From its headquarters in Heidelberg, Coboc GmbH and Co. KG develops, produces and distributes avant-garde electric bikes for the rapidly expanding e-mobility market. Extraordinary design is the secret to Coboc’s seven-year success, spanning complex technology and simple operations without straying from its roots: the joy of cycling.
Broad and interdisciplinary technological competence is at Coboc’s core. Coboc itself developed not only vehicle construction and manufacturing, but also electric motor components and software. For the seamless integration of its motor, Coboc has been awarded several recognised prizes, among them the most important award in the bike industry twice, the Eurobike Gold Award.
A passion for the product, sustainability and vertical integration makes Coboc’s fleet a remarkable and technically sophisticated master piece which has yet to find worthy competitors on the market.

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