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Coboc: ONE Rome 527 Ltd.

Urban speed which will catch your eye

For the occasion of its seventh birthday, e-bike expert Coboc has announced a limited birthday edition of 130 cutting edge bikes with an interior as provocative as its design is smooth: Thanks to invisible e-power and a clean silver-grey look, ONE Rome 527 is an eye catcher on the streets of any city.

Coboc’s birthday merits celebration. Famous for their avant-garde pedelecs with invisible motors, the specialists from Heidelberg are releasing a limited edition onto the urban racecourse for the occasion of their seventh birthday. And ONE Rome 527 is not just arrestingly powerful, it is also the first model to be sold directly via the new Coboc online shop at a special birthday price. ONE Rome 527 is the name of the limited edition of 130 pedelecs, the number 527 paying tribute to the foundation of Coboc on May 27th seven years ago. Characteristically focussed on the essentials, the bike stands as a concept for the utmost joy of cycling with its 500-watt motor performance challenging the owner to beat the traffic light. Although it is 350 watt hours strong, the battery is charged within as little as two hours and is hidden near invisibly in the down tube. Five inconspicuous blue LEDs on the upper tube indicate how much power is stored within. The high-performing hub motor could be mistaken for a conventional speed hub and indeed this single speed can be used with and without electric support. With only 14.4kg total weight, it is truly the first among e-bikes. The interior of the bike is as provocative as its design is smooth. The clean silver-grey frame is in perfect harmony with its black fixtures. Taking inspiration from track cycling, stability, stiffness and agility are the top priorities for the basic form of this frame. But then ONE Rome 527 also provides a touch of comfort, thanks to its more upright riding posture, broader tyres as well as disc brakes in matt black. This bike boasts a robust urban ride.

Intelligent connectivity for the entire Coboc fleet
Thanks to the Coboc App for iOS and Android, all Coboc-models are fully networked smartbikes. Bluetooth connects the bike to a smartphone and turns it into a board computer. The Coboc-App also allows the subtle adjustment of the electric support’s responsivity as well as its performance. This way, the entire cycling experience can be configured according to the desires of the individual owner. The display of the board computer indicates vehicle data such as speed, cycled range, and battery status. The battery status is not just listed but can also be visualised in terms of the remaining bike range, taking into consideration the topography of its surroundings. Tours, topographic profiles and vehicle data can be saved and shared with your community on the menu tab “Activities.”

About Coboc
From its headquarters in Heidelberg, Coboc GmbH and Co. KG develops, produces and distributes avant-garde electric bikes for the rapidly expanding e-mobility market. Extraordinary design is the secret to Coboc’s seven-year success, spanning complex technology and simple operations without straying from its roots: the joy of cycling.
Broad and interdisciplinary technological competence is at Coboc’s core. Coboc itself developed not only vehicle construction and manufacturing, but also electric motor components and software. For the seamless integration of its motor, Coboc has been awarded several recognised prizes, among them the most important award in the bike industry twice, the Eurobike Gold Award.
A passion for the product, sustainability and vertical integration makes Coboc’s fleet a remarkable and technically sophisticated master piece which has yet to find worthy competitors on the market.

Size:1.25 MB
Dimension:3200 x 1727 px
27.09 x 14.62 cm
Resolution:300 dpi

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