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RACER launches the battery-powered E-COVER shoe cover with adjustable IR-WARM 2.0 technology


At Eurobike Show 2018, the French glove and protection manufacturer RACER launches the latest addition to its award-winning HEATED RANGE. The battery-powered E-COVER shoe cover with adjustable IR-WARM 2.0 technology marks the end of cold feet for cyclists

Every cyclist knows: As soon as the temperature drops, cold feet make one’s mountain bike, road bike or CX ride only half as much fun. To prevent passionate cyclists from re-thinking their winter ride, French glove and protection manufacturer RACER has developed E-COVER, a heated shoe cover. The battery-equipped (Li-Ion Polymer 2200 mAh, 7,4V) shoe cover not only keeps your feet warm and dry, it also heats them continuously. The result: an unequalled feeling of warmth in chilly weather.

Thanks to the IR-WARM 2.0 heating technology which was developed in cooperation with the French Army Biomedical Center, the days of frozen-stiff toes are finally over. IR-WARM 2.0 is an ingenious system of heated wires which are spread over the whole dorsum of the foot. This revolutionary technology with thermo-regulation ensures a constant feeling of warmth, even when the temperature drops to minus 10 degrees. As heat sensitivity is subjective, the temperature can be adjusted individually: Three different heat levels ensure the perfect foot temperature depending on the actual weather situation. At the same time, the microprocessor of E-COVER maximises battery life. Depending on the selected heat level, the battery lasts up to six hours.

Not only does E-COVER provide for an unbeatable feeling of warmth, it also ensures highest wearing comfort: On the inside, the breathable, leather-like material Clarino was used. On the outside, Softshell keeps out light snow or rain. Its zip is air- and waterproof, the tip of the shoe cover is Kevlar-reinforced and a neoprene sleeve keeps the warmth inside. Furthermore, E-COVER is an absolute lightweight: Including the battery, the shoe cover only weighs 400 grams. At the same time, it does not matter if you ride a road or a mountain bike, as E-COVER can be combined with all sorts of cycling shoes.

The E-COVER will be available in stores from Fall 2018.


• Material: 60% polyester, 30% neoprene, 5% spandex
• Weight: 260g without batteries / 400g with batteries
• Sizes: S (37/38/39), M (40/41/42), L (43/44/45)
• Colours: Black
• Warranty: 2 years
• Battery: Single 7.4V Polymer Li-Ion 2200mAh per cover, life 2,5 to 6 hours
• Heating: IR-WARM 2.0 with temperature regulation, 3 + battery level indicator
• Can be combined with all cycling shoes
• Recommended retail price: €219,95

The French glove and protection manufacturer RACER has proven its competence as a producer of performance gloves since 1927. At the headquarters in Salon de Provence, around 20 employees ensure the production of more than 250,000 pairs of gloves and their distribution in over 20 countries per year. Even today, all prototypes are handcrafted in RACER’s very own workshop in Southern France.
Originally a producer of ski gloves, the long-established company has demonstrated its innovative capability with the development of the first heated motorbike glove in 1983. In 2015, RACER has introduced their first bike collection which includes gloves, protection wear and from 2018/2019 on, also shoe covers. The heated bike glove E-GLOVE 2 was awarded with a prestigious EUROBIKE Award in 2017.

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