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Add brains to your bicycle - courtesy of AI-Cockpit System by SMINNO

SMINNO presents the world's first AI-cockpit system at the Eurobike 2018 in Hall A2, Booth 405.

The AI-Cockpit system is a major contribution to increased road safety, especially with regard to the risk of accidents caused by the use of smartphones, which must be taken seriously.

SMINNO, the Hessen Champions of 2016 in the Innovation category will be presenting the world's first two-wheeled AI-Cockpit System in Hall A2, Stand 405, at this year's Eurobike.

Since 2014, the Kassel Startup has been dedicated in developing smart mobility-related products that break down existing barriers to offer cutting edge functions and convenience on the go. With sustainability in mind the focus is on creating products that provide simple, safe and convenient solutions for modern mobility.
Smart mobility with everything in view

The AI-Cockpit System for two wheels consists of CESAcruise, a universal hands-free bicycle assistant system and the cockpit app CruiseUP. For the first time ever, the complete Hard- and Software solution the CruiseUP app and the CESAcruise provides each bicycle with an AI-Cockpit and assistance system. This combination converts each bicycle into a digital networked Smart Bike that allows interaction between driver and smartphone via voice control.
“Of particular importance to us is the safety factor with a view to the risk of accidents that arise when using the smartphone while driving. We want to offer a system that makes a significant contribution to improving road safety,” said Khersau Noorzaie, CEO of SMINNO.

With the AI-Cockpit system you can safely drive with both hands on the handlebar and have all relevant information in view, directly in front of you on one screen. The App bundles important information together so that it is no longer necessary to switch between different applications.

Through the CruiseUP cockpit app, you can navigate through voice assistance while driving, make calls on the phone, listen to music and track your tour.

The design of the CESAcruise is constructed in such a way that the smartphone microphone is shielded and you can call without any wind noise. The innovative design and the sound-optimized plastic, enhances the sound of the smartphone so that navigation announcements and music are loud and clear so that there is no need for headsets anymore.

The AI-Cockpit System serves all areas of application, whether on a bicycle, road bike, E-bike, wheelchair, Segway, stroller or scooter, the Cockpit System is an integral part of being an intelligent networked everyday companion.

SMINNO stands for Smart Innovation and speaks for the goal of meeting the requirements of todays stylish, modern and at the same time innovative, sustainable products. SMINNO relies on longevity, universality, user friendliness and environmental friendliness of its products. The transparency of the origin of the products is crucial. With all products produced in Germany by valued manufactures, it is important to strengthen the region and ensure quality. The CESAcruise is the result of years of innovation and pioneer in the world market as it is the world’s first hands-free kit for the bicycle. With its products, SMINNO offers a solution that combines the advantage and functions of multiple devices and bundles them in a single product. Different devices for different applications are now a thing in the past. Long-lasting, multifunctional and sustainable products, that’s the future.

Hessen Champions 2016 in the category for Growth and Innovation. The corporate success is acknowledged by the Hessian ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Land Development and the association of Hessian Entrepreneurs Associations (VhU).
As bicycle innovation Made in Germany, CESAcruise is part of the campaign 200 years of bicycle – Made in Germany by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure in the course of the 200th anniversary of the bicycle.
200 Years of Bicycle - Made in Germany: fahrrad.html

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