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The Contagious California Cargo Bike Lifestyle

Yuba Bikes announcing new Electric Cargo Bikes for 2019, Electric Boda Boda and Electric Supermarché

Annecy FR // Cotati, CA USA - Yuba Bikes is excited to announce their participation in Eurobike 2018. On the heels of Yuba’s expansion throughout France and Europe, Eurobike is a great opportunity to continue the exposure of the Yuba brand to more European markets. Yuba has been the leading brand in the cargo bike industry since its inception in 2006, and having a presence at Eurobike is yet another way for the brand to leave its mark.

Yuba has been designing and manufacturing quality transportation alternatives to the industry for the past 12 years. Excellence in style, design and variety are what make Yuba stand out. Each bicycle is designed to create a superior riding experience. Yuba takes no shortcuts in sourcing, design or manufacturing, to produce premium electric cargo bikes.

Yuba will be showcasing their new 2018 bikes, the Electric Boda Boda and Electric Supermarché; along with the entire Yuba collection at Eurobike.

The Electric Boda Boda is Yuba’s ‘compact’ cargo electric bike. Equipped with a Shimano STEPS motor with three pedal assist settings, the Electric Boda Boda has a maximum range of 90 km per charge (landscape dependent, of course); cruise up or down without breaking a sweat. The traditional-style compact rear cargo space has a capacity of 100kg (excluding the rider) making this bike an easy solution for carrying the kiddos to/from school. Or bring the pets on the weekly grocery run from the local farmers market and so much more. The Electric Boda Boda will retail for €3,250.

Yuba’s front loading cargo bike, the Supermarché now comes in an electric pedal assist version to provide customers with even more options for their riding style and needs. The Electric Supermarché features a Bosch CX Performance motor, a 500 Wh battery pack, and is designed to handle more torque, which allows it to power up hills and move larger loads, ideal for cargo bikes.

Already one of the leading front-loading cargo bike on the market, the new Supermarché with electric assist option further expands the bike’s potential. The low center of gravity on this bike is the key to its easy handling and stability. Yuba invested in cable actuated steering, which allows for more versatile and seamless steering range, and ease of movement for a bike of its size. The Supermarché can carry two to three children and 180 kg up front or 36 kg on the unique integrated rear cargo rack.

The Electric Supermarché will retail for €5,250 and be available to customers starting in September 2018.

Come see these two bikes in person at Yuba’s Eurobike booth in Hall A1/A1-721.

Healthy transportation being as important as healthy eating, Yuba Bicycles will be giving organic Bodensee region grown Apples during Eurobike 2018. Many apples will be marked with a unique winning code. Among the prizes to be won a Yuba Frontloader Supermarché, a week of MTB in the well-known French ski resort of Méribel, plus many other prizes. Come see us every day at booth A1-721.

Yuba Bicycles was founded in 2006 by entrepreneur Benjamin Sarrazin, who is on a mission to bring the European cycling lifestyle and utility to the United States. Cargo bikes are an authentic means of sustainable transportation that can help make a tangible change within our vehicle dependent society. Yuba manufactures award-winning environmentally sustainable pedal and electric cargo bikes that provide significant utility, convenience and health benefits for riders of all ages. Life is better and more productive on two-wheels. Visit for more information and dealer locations.

Yuba Bicycles
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Benjamin Sarrazin
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