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Bike apparel packed with power - eBike Collection

Apparel and backpacks designed for e-biking

With the E-Bracket bike backpack, the E-Moab shirt and the E-Moab shorts, VAUDE is launching a newly designed clothing trio that has been specifically developed for the needs of e-biking.
E-biking has long been more than just a passing fad which begs the question: What kind of apparel and gear is actually suited to e-biking? After all, the demands of e-biking are different from those of its human-powered form: Speed and acceleration can be higher on an e-bike and airflow can be much stronger. E-bike riders also need a backpack with room for a spare battery, the e-bike display and other equipment.
VAUDE is meeting these challenges with three newly designed products for the E-MTB segment: the spacious E-Bracket bike backpack, the robust E-Moab shirt and the functional E-Moab shorts. The trio was designed in cooperation with the VAUDE sponsor partner and e-bike visionary Stefan Schlie and is geared to the needs of e-biking.

Backpack with a power reserve
Although the design of the E-Bracket is similar to that of its tried-and-tested colleagues from the Bracket bike backpack series, its function is specifically designed for use on an e-bike and to meet the challenges that e-biking presents. The pack has space for a spare battery and charger; the hipbelt has extra compartments for a detachable display and the keys so you can easily and safely stow your electronics while on tour. Special attention was paid to the layout – for example, the compartment for the spare battery was moved down to the bottom to keep the center of gravity as low as possible and help with bike handling. In addition, the back padding is thicker and the shoulder straps are more stable than with other bike backpacks to meet the higher weight requirements of e-biking.
Development partner Stefan Schlie says:
"E-biking is about being comfortable and having fun. You don't have to pay attention to every gram of your gear, so your pack can be a little larger. But good organization and superb comfort are a must when you’re spending the whole day on your bike. These issues were perfectly addressed in the E-Bracket."

Perfectly prepared for e-performance
E-biking also places higher demands on cycling apparel than mountain biking and road cycling. Due to the stronger airstream, increased wind protection is required at the front. The materials also have to be more robust in order to handle a heavier load — and moisture wicking is a little less important.

VAUDE used windproof materials on the front of the E-Moab shirt and optimized temperature regulation — an extra-long front zip and breathable primary materials offer optimum ventilation for every kind of ride. In addition, there are silicone prints at the shoulders and at the hip to keep the E-Bracket (or any other backpack) loaded with a battery and other accessories from sliding around — even on more challenging rides.
Shorts for long E-bike tours
The E-Moab shorts also offer reliable wind protection when it comes to e-biking. Windproof softshell material at the front blocks drafts — lasered ventilation at the thighs and side ventilation zips provide the necessary airflow on the uphill. Now that’s built-in air conditioning!
The three-layer reinforced seat with a silicone print ensures that you stay firmly in the saddle even at higher speeds, because e-bikers usually remain in the comfortable sitting position even when riding uphill. To ensure freedom of movement, the E-Moab shorts have four-way stretch material at the back.

A perfect symbiosis between apparel and backpack
The E-Bracket, E-Moab Shirt and E-Moab Shorts are the perfect solution for all the challenges of e-biking. Of course, these items are also fun on other wheels! The only thing left to say: "E-njoy your ride!"

Size:2.83 MB
Dimension:4032 x 2689 px
34.14 x 22.77 cm
Resolution:300 dpi

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