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Integration for all

CLOPPENBURG. Kalkhoff is on the offensive: two years on from the presentation of the Kalkhoff Integrale, the first series-produced e-bike with a mid-mounted motor and a fully-integrated battery, the premium brand is expanding its portfolio with four new e-bike ranges: Endeavour (trekking), Entice (cross), Image (city) and Berleen (urban). At the same time, the theme of system integration is being expanded to cover all of the segments in which Kalkhoff is active.

At Kalkhoff, the theme of integration does not just apply to the electronic system – an uncluttered, clean cockpit with cable routing through the stem comes as standard with Endeavour, Entice, Image and Berleen

– and all from just €2,499.

Kalkhoff is also one step ahead with its new platform strategy. It provides e-bike customers with options that are a given in the automobile industry – from equipment packages and different drive systems, right through to the selection of the colour.

A further innovation is the 3Tron battery technology, which is used in the Impulse and Neodrives drive systems. The basis of the 3Tron battery is the powerful new 21700 generation of cells, which has enabled the number of cells in each battery to be reduced from 50 to 30, while still maintaining a comparable range.

This veritable fireworks display of innovations is rounded off with the debut of the Kalkhoff design language, which was used for the first time for the Endeavour, Entice, Image and Berleen product ranges and which lends the new, integrated Kalkhoff e-bikes their striking and unmistakeable appearance.

The new Scent models are proof that Kalkhoff has not left the non-motorised standard range of products by the wayside, in spite of ever-increasing e-bike sales. Aimed exclusively at a young, female target audience, the Scent trio of Carry, Glare and Flow serve to expand upon the urban product range; with this range, not only is Kalkhoff skilfully playing the retro sport card, it is also paying homage to the classic berceau frame shape.



Integration is this season’s hot topic for e-bikes. The new Endeavour range is not just taking the baton from the Integrale range, it is broadening the e-trekking playing field in a great many ways.

Three equipment packages (Move / Advance / Excite), three drive systems (alongside the Bosch Performance CX and Impulse Evo RS mid-mounted motors, there is also the Neodrives Z20 rear wheel motor) and three colours for each model – more individuality; “My Bike” has never been more apt!

And more integration is scarcely possible: at Kalkhoff, integration does not just mean fully-integrated batteries in all frame types, it also includes an adjustable stem, through which the brake, lighting and display cables are routed. The result is a clean, uncluttered cockpit, which, when coupled with the new design language, makes the Endeavour trekking e-bikes completely unique.

The Endeavour models with Impulse or Neodrives motors take exclusivity to the max thanks to their Bluetooth displays and 3TRON battery technology.



The Entice crossover concept does not recognise black and white thinking: continue cycling, even when you run out of asphalt. Discover your surroundings on tracks through fields, forests and meadows. Take your bike for a sporty spin after work without having to compromise on everyday practicality – Entice offers all this.

The striking frame with its floating axles*, which promote stiffness, and a fully-integrated Bosch PowerTube battery are combined with an exclusive handlebar-stem unit* and perfectly integrated lights to provide an especially sporty look. And the powerful Bosch Performance (CX*) drive systems live up to what the Entice design promises.

Tantalising riding dynamics and phenomenal riding pleasure therefore form an integral part of the Entice programme – regardless of whether you are riding the Excite, Advance or Move version.

*Integral part of the Entice/Advance design variants



The transformation is complete – with the new Image Wave frame, the low step-through frame is no longer purely practical; it is bringing comfort and style together in perfect harmony.

The fact that the new Wave frame allows for the elegant integration of the battery while also complying with the XXL requirements (maximum permissible total weight of 170 kg) is the cherry on the cake when it comes to the comfort of the new Image model range.

Whether it is the XXL, Advance (including belt drive) or Move version, all Kalkhoff Image models can be ordered with either the Bosch Active Plus or the Impulse Evo RS drive system. However, the new 3Tron batteries, with their incredibly powerful 21700 cell technology and smartphone integration, including a navigation app, are still exclusive to the Impulse e-bike.

On the other hand, the adjustable stem with integrated cable routing is included in all equipment packages – comfortable can be so chic.



The new highlight amongst the urban e-bikes, Berleen, stands out with its fantastic design; with its thin, fully-integrated 20-cell battery and its compact rear wheel motor, you can barely even tell that it is an e-bike.

The puristic design is intended exclusively for use in urban environments: Light enough to carry down to the basement or up to your flat for storage, robust enough to ensure riding pleasure, but also provided with sufficient battery capacity to allow you to perform your everyday tasks in the city. The Berleen is a real showstopper in every way: the battery, which can be removed from below, is secured using an easy to operate clip lock, which can also be locked in place.

The elegant control unit, which is integrated into the top tube, also includes a Bluetooth module. This enables the bike to be paired with a smartphone and, thanks to the free Kalkhoff Display App, provides bike computer functions, such as navigation.

The design is enhanced by the cleverly-positioned pannier rack, which can be paired perfectly with panniers, is capable of carrying loads of up to 25 kg and guarantees heel clearance right up to a shoe size of 46.

Whether with (Advance) or without (Pure Advance) pannier rack and mudguards in the same colour as the frame, the semi-integrated LED lighting and stand are provided as standard, just like the 3D forged handlebar-stem unit.


They are among the highlights of the Kalkhoff range, which is not exactly lacking in special bikes: your eyes will be drawn to the new Scent models, as the striking berceau frame shape, coupled with its fashionable colour scheme and mudguards and chain guard provided in the same colour as the frame, has lost none of its impact.

On the contrary, polished elements (Flow/Glare) or elements that have deliberately been left in black (Carry), such as the stem, handlebars, lighting and seat post, only serve to further increase the attractiveness of these new Kalkhoff retro sports bikes.

The Scent models, which were designed by a female product manager at Kalkhoff to appeal to a young, female target audience, are available with a choice of chain or hub gears and disc brakes or V-brakes.

Those wanting to supplement the consciously minimalistic sporty appearance of the Scent trio to make it more practical for everyday use have also been taken into account: rear wheel pannier racks are available in the frame colour as an optional extra.

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Kalkhoff is a premium brand belonging to Derby Cycle Holding GmbH and boasts 95 years of experience, superior “Made in Germany” product quality and high standards when it comes to riding comfort and user-friendliness. Kalkhoff is the market leader in Germany for e-bikes.

By turnover, Derby Cycle Holding GmbH is the largest bicycle manufacturer in Germany. With its Kalkhoff, FOCUS, Raleigh, Univega and Rixe brands, Derby Cycle sells almost half a million bikes each year, including more than 100,000 e-bikes and pedelecs – indeed, Derby Cycle is the market leader in Germany for this segment. The Derby Cycle range also includes competitive racing models, mountain bikes, and high-quality trekking, city, off-road and children’s bikes.

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