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Sandra Janjanin
Project Coordinator
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Kathrin Ruf
Project Coordinator
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Stephan Fischer
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By bike

Free rental bikes to the exhibition grounds

For all the bike enthusiasts among the EUROBIKE visitors we have a total of 500 bicycle stands and 500 rental bikes from nextbike situated at the most important locations in Friedrichshafen (airport, railway stations, camping park, camping exhibition ground and ERIBA CITY). And so exhibitors, journalists and trade visitors can be mobile and reach the exhibition grounds quite independent of any timetables and traffic. The distance from the city or harbour railway station is only four kilometres – easily done in a quarter of an hour.

Have a good trip !


With the bicycle navigation system naviki, finding your way from your base to the exhibition grounds is no problem. Simply download the naviki App or check the route on the web and off you go!


Hire process

August 29- September 2, 2017

24h telephone service (+49 30 69205046)

There is a one-off registration fee of 3.00 EUR for registrations by telephone.

There is a telephone number on the hire bikes: simply call that number, register (credit card required - non-recurring fee 3 €), and you will receive a number code to open the lock and off you go!

Borrow a bike from nextbike per App:

Using the App you can either scan the QR code on the bike or simply enter the bike number. The code sent to you only has to be entered into the BikeComputer and then you can unlock the bike.

nextbike inGooglePlay Store

nextbike in App Store

You can get more information on borrowing a SmartBike on this VIDEO .

The bikes can be used free of charge until midnight on Saturday, September 2, and then returned to any of the given stations.

Staffed hire and return stations:

  • Exhibition site entrance West (all times during the hours of opening)

Other lending and return stations:

  • Camping-Park
  • Main railway station
  • Harbor railway station
  • Airport/DB stop
  • Camping site at the exhibition grounds


Starting credit

A one-off payment of 1 € when registering per App: This Euro verifies your customer account and can be used as a starting credit for your next trip with a nextbike cycle in more than 50 cities in Germany.

E-bikes: Full speed ahead with a full battery

So that the visitors arriving at the Show by e-bike can enjoy their speedy ride feeling as long as possible, in particular on their way home, the company bike-energy will be providing two charging stations at the Entrances West and East. bike-energy is the first charging system that charges e-bikes without a battery charger as has been necessary to date.


Pit stop for bikes

First aid for bikes - Rasti has two service and repair stations with all the basic tools and an air pump at both the Entrances East and West. The bikes can be safely parked for free until 7:30 pm at the ABUS  guarded bike parks.