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Cycling keeps you young. Or would you have noticed that EUROBIKE has been providing
the tailwind for the bike business for 25 years now? And year after year EUROBIKE has
reinvented itself. The introduction of the DEMO DAY, the EUROBIKE AWARD, the EUROBIKE
ACADEMY and other highlights have constantly brought new momentum into the bike
business. In 2016, EUROBIKE is going up yet another gear.


EUROBIKE is the undisputed leading global trade show for the bike business. This is where the bike industry gets networked, wins over its trading partners and presents itself to the media. This is where trends emerge and ground-breaking innovations celebrate their premiere appearances. At the same time, EUROBIKE continually generates additional benefits for the industry and trade, achieving the balancing act between trade show and think tank. The industry acknowledges this and the trade figures speak for themselves.


But, despite all the professional expertise, when it comes down to it, what ultimately makes the bike business go round is the excitement and enthusiasm of the bike consumers. And in future, EUROBIKE will be taking this aspect up to a new level. The former “Public Day” will now be replaced by the EUROBIKE FESTIVAL DAYS. A full programme for two days at the weekend: to have fun, to get hands-on, to be amazed and to test products! Two days full of opportunities for emotionalising your brand, for developing brand loyalty and brand positioning. Two days of direct contact with your leading consumers.

Already in the past, EUROBIKE attracted more than 20,000 bike fans to Friedrichs- hafen every year - but our goal for the future goes far beyond that – the EUROBIKE FESTIVAL DAYS will be the most important bike consumer event in Europe. This lets you catch “two birds with one stone”: the world’s leading trade show and the European showcase for bike fans, all under one roof.

EUROBIKE 2015 at a glance

45,870 trade visitors from 103 countries

1,350 exhibitors from 53 countries

1,766 media representatives from 39 countries

Bike business for every continent

Once a year the Who‘s Who of the global bike industry gets together at EUROBIKE in Friedrichshafen. The perfect platform to experience world premieres, find out the latest trends and exchange ideas with other insiders from the bike industry. In 2015 some 1,350 exhibitors from 53 countries presented their products and services, which included 300 absolute world firsts. A total of 45,870 trade visitors from 103 countries and 1,766 media representatives from 39 nations visited the Global Show. Whether it’s a technology push in the racing bike scene, sophisticated developments in e-bike technology or innovative bike wear – again this year, EUROBIKE will show you all the features of the bike world.



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