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ACADEMY: Retail First - Review 2018

By experts for experts

ACADEMY: Retail First

Industry insiders inform about latest market developments and potential

Focusing on retail and offering traders exclusive added value are key objectives of the Retail First Initiative which was introduced for EUROBIKE 2018. The EUROBIKE ACADEMY was also integrated into this concept: Given the name “ACADEMY: Retail First”, valuable knowledge was shared over three days at this event.


The areas illuminated included two that are of particular concern to the industry: latest market developments, and the digitalization and expansion of e-commerce. At the presentations, the subjects discussed took in industry trends, issues impacting on the players, as well as retail’s needs and how they can be met.


The answers to these and many other retail-specific questions were provided consultants, trade journalists, major industry players, as well as representatives from recognized research and testing institutes. Visitors benefited from valuable insights, solid analyses, and unbiased recommendations.

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Date: 18/07/2019

Subject to change.


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