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The platform for bike bloggers

EUROBIKE BLOGGER BASEFor the first time we have the EUROBIKE BLOGGER BASE supported by "THE WRIDERS' CLUB". The BLOGGER BASEoffers international bloggers from the outdoor and travel industry a valuable platform. Here they can exchange information and experience with exhibitor representatives and trade visitors, trace new trends and share these live in their blog with their social media community.

The SOCIAL WALL provides an overview of all the blog contributions and posts which have been published in the social media with #EurobikeShow and #thewridersclub.

The core of the EUROBIKE BLOGGER BASE is situated in the Foyer East. Here the digital influencers have the space and freedom to draw up their reports on the show with free WiFi, and exchange information and experience with like-minded people over a cup of coffee. It’s a meeting place for old acquaintances or for making new contacts with Blogger and industry, after all it’s wise to look after and extend your network also offline.

Another opportunity for this is the Messe walkabout EUROBIKE walk&meet supported by TWC, which includes visits to selected exhibitors’ stands so that it’s easy to get to talk directly to the manufacturers, learn about what’s new and exchange the one or other visiting card.


Writing and riding – these are the two passions that connect the WRIDERS´ CLUB. The platform for self-organized bike blogs was initiated in 2016 by EUROBIKE and the pressedienst-fahrrad. The aim was, and still is, to make the work of the participants more visible on a shared website. This way, it is not only easier for the bloggers to get in touch with one another, but business enterprises interested in cooperating with the cycling scribes, for instance as possible multipliers for their brand, can find all the members here at one site.

To ensure the quality and that a certain responsibility is maintained in the digital public sphere, every blogger has to sign the THE WRIDERS´ CLUB Blogger Code. The five points set out here are there to help focus on the professionalism and added value of the texts for the readers. Participation in the WRIDERS´ CLUB is voluntary and free of charge for all bloggers.

All further information is available on the THE WRIDERS´ CLUB website.

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Date: 25/05/2018

Subject to change.


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