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Start-Up Academy

Workshop: What is needed for cooperations between the bicycle industry and start-ups?

The experts will use practical examples of productive collaborations between start-ups and the European and Asian bicycle industry and show potentials for development.

Examples include the development of products and digital services in the cycling and cargo sector.

The goal should be to identify common gaps and possible solutions.

Norbert Haller, Owner and CEO IDberlin – Innovative vehicle design

Norbert Haller, Inhaber und GF IDberlin – Innovative vehicle design

Norbert Haller has been active in electric mobility since 1998 and has been involved in the design and development of numerous bicycles, e-bikes and electric scooters for international customers. Initially working as founder and CEO of the "Craftsmen Design" office, he joined the startup company Ultra Motor Ltd. in 2007 as head designer, where he built the A2B brand. In 2012, he founded the design agency "IDberlin", in which he is currently the managing director. He uses his many years of experience in e-mobility and work in Asia today to launch new and innovative vehicle concepts in various projects. In addition to this work, he teaches at the FH Potsdam and the University of the Arts in Berlin and is a juror at the IF Award.


Ernst Brust, Owner and CEO GmbH

Ernst Brust, Inhaber und GF GmbH

Ernst Brust founded in 1991 - a service center for product safety, development and application of the latest test methods for the safety testing of muscle-driven devices. He has been a publicly appointed and sworn expert for bicycle damage and damage assessments since 1992 and is represented in various cargo bike expert committees.


Maximilian Schay, CEO my Boo GmbH

Maximilian Schay GF my Boo GmbH

Maximilian Schay is the founder and since December 2012 the managing director of my Boo GmbH, a social company that produces bamboo bicycles in Ghana and sells them successfully in Europe.


Ivo de Wit, CEO Bicle – mobility industry network

Ivo de Wit, CEO Bicle – mobility industry network

Ivo de Wit is the Managing Director of Bicle, a digital industry platform for the e-mobility industry


Moderation: Ulrike Saade, Owner and CEO Velokonzept Saade GmbH

Moderation: Ulrike Saade, Inhaberin und GF Velokonzept Saade GmbH

Ulrike Saade, founder and CEO of Velokonzept Saade GmbH, leads the EUROBIKE Start-up Academy.


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