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Day Saturday, 07/09/2019
Time 12:30 - 13:30
Venue Stage | Foyer East
SpeakerTanja Katzer & Denis Katzer
CompanyTanja & Denis Katzer GbR

By e-bike through Siberia, Mongolia and China. Longest unsupported e-bike expedition in the world - Stage 1
Tanja Katzer & Denis Katzer
Tanja & Denis Katzer GbR

In German 

Astride their e-bikes, Tanja & Denis Katzer covered 17,000 km under what were often extreme conditions, tackling an elevation gain of 74,000 meters (8 x Mt. Everest).
In this talk which is accompanied by dazzling photos and film sequences, Tanja and Denis Katzer describe their adventure in an exotic world. They talk about technical challenges, correct braking techniques, how and where they charged their batteries, and how it was possible to cross 3,000-meter-high passes with a weight of 150 kg per bicycle. They talk about modern energy management, breakdowns, repairs, how to cope by yourself in remote places, about the dream of e-biking, and how today’s technology is pushing out borders.

In 1991 Denis Katzer and his wife Tanja launched their 30-year life project THE GREAT JOURNEY and they have already covered 415,000 km (10 times around the world).
During their stopovers in Germany, the explorers, authors, photographers and film-makers publish their experiences in periodicals and magazines, hold slide shows, write books, and work on film documentations for television.

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