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E-bike Battery Lifetime Factors & Warranty Solutions

Day Tuesday, 10/07/2018
Time 10:45 - 12:00
Venue Conference Center East, Room London
SpeakerJames Post
CompanyECOpro Technology BV

ECOpro Technology BV
James Post

In English

In the first part of this lecture, we explained why stress, caused by charging to the maximum and discharging to the minimum, is a major e-bike battery lifetime factor. James explains how charge controlling can work in Battery Management Systems (BMS) or in Smart Chargers, such that this does not prevent the e-bike user from using the full range.
With temperature being the other major lifetime factor, he discusses the do’s and don’ts in e-bike battery enclosure design.

The lecture is followed by an optional Q & A session (delegates may also raise their individual battery design issues) and –when time allows- bonus lectures, addressing important e-bike battery issues.

James Post is an independent e-bike battery technology consultant; in high tech electronics since 1975 with focus on power electronics, data communication and (embedded) software. Since 2011 he specialized in e-bike batteries. His consultancy is typically short but effective second opinions and brainstorming.
This lecture was co-developed with Prof. Pecht (CALCE battery lab - University of Maryland), a long time strategic partner of James Post.

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