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Bikefitting in harmony with your body

Day Sunday, 08/07/2018
Time 16:00 - 16:45
Venue Stage | Foyer East
SpeakerRegina Marunde
CompanyRad Mensch Einheit

Rad Mensch Einheit
Regina Marunde

In German

The osteopathic approach looks at the human being in its whole unity. Different body systems, as the skeletal system, the organ system, the muscular system as well as the vessel – and nerve system should be in harmony with each other, in order to generate a perfect wellbeing.
The human body is exposed to various factors, which affect the unity of the system what may lead to misbalances. Everyday stress, non-ergonomic work positions and malnutrition are only a few factors which our body has to compensate. An osteophatic check is a basic analysis of your system, which diagnosis weaknesses in your body system. The follow-up with an osteopathic treatment may reestablish the balance within the body permanently.
To have the perfect position on the bicycle and to be able to ride a bike without any problems an osteopathic check is starting point of each bicycle ergonomic. But it is also starting point for your performance in every-day life, for your wellbeing in your leisure time and surely as well for target-oriented training when doing serious sports.
The body check analysis the crucial points and the pain on the bike. The gained knowledge is then used in the bikefitting process. The presentation shows which actions are to be taken in order to produce relief.

Physiotherapist / Osteopathist /bikefitter / coach
Former MTB Professional 1991-2004
Several times national Champion in Germany, Participant at Olympic Games

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