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Selling Cargo Bikes - Dealers' Perspectives

Monday, 09/07/2018, 15:00 - 15:45
Conference Center East, Room Rom

Cargo bikes are a hot trend across Europe. But they also come along with challenges for bike dealers e.g. regarding space, service and marketing. Successful cargo bike dealers from the Netherlands, Germany and Sitzerland discuss these challenges and their approach to selling cargo bikes.



Johannes Hartmann, Tandem

Johannes Hartmann

Commercial Director, TANDEM, Lausanne/Veyvey (CH)

Johannes was a researcher and an employee in the international freight department of the Swiss Railways before co-founding the bike shop TANDEM in Lausanne in 2008. Today, TANDEM has a second shop in Veyvey and is a key driver of the electric bike development in the Lausanne/Montreux region.

Aram Brucker, Dr Beyk Amsterdam

Aram Brucker

Dr Beyk Amsterdam (NL)

Aram grew up in the barn of his neighbor who would reanimate used bikes to be sold on the market in Amsterdam. Every week the merchant would drop off 40-50 bikes to be fixed and he would pick up the fixed bikes to be sold. That was his playground in his younger years.
When he was about 20 he started for a big bike company selling bikes B2B. In those days there was a special law making it very attractive tax wise for businesses to provide their employees with a bike. They would deliver hundreds of bikes a week and his younger brother and he were head of the mechanic and customer service department. As this tax benefit ceased to exist, so did the company they worked for; Then from 1997-2011 DrBeyk. In 2011 his brother and he split in DrBeykOnline and DrBeyk Offline and this is where they are till this day.

Johannes Hößl, Executive Director, Main Mobility GmbH / Bike Boutique Frankfurt

Johannes Hölß

CEO, Main Mobility GmbH / Bike Boutique Frankfurt (GER)

Johannes worked ten years in banking before he started Bike Boutique in 2012 - probably the first bike shop in a banking tower. His ambition was to show people smart and sexy alternatives to their SUVs and promote bicycles as urban mobility solution. In 2015, an additional workshop called Die Fahrradwerkstatt was opened. Today, Bike Boutique is the biggest dealer for cargo and family bikes in the Rhine Main area. In March 2018 the company regrouped under the name Main Mobility and opened its focus to corporate and institutional customers.



Arne Behrensen,

Arne Behrensen, Berlin (GER)

Arne Behrensen is an independent cargo bike expert from Berlin and runs the blog He studied political science and worked for members of the German parliament and for an international NGO. In 2013, Arne joined the project Lasten auf die Räder! (Cargo onto bikes!) of the German sustainable transport association Verkehrsclub Deutschland (VCD). In 2015 he started his own company to promote the private and commercial use of cargo bikes.


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