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IntelliSeal™ Shoecover Concept

Award   WINNER 2017
Category   Apparel
Company   GripGrab ApS

IntelliSeal™ is a rubber-like coating applied to the binding of the bottom part of the shoe cover that greatly enhances water resistance, durability and fit in one simple, low-cost solution. It turns the conventional binding into an elastic seal that makes the shoe cover fit snugly around the shoe and the inherent stickiness helps in keeping the shoe cover in place. IntelliSeal™ also reduces the tendency of shoe covers to get wet on the inside, by counteracting the “wicking effect” that is often compromising the material along the edge of the shoe cover. Finally, the coating greatly enhances durability by protecting the conventional binding, which is key to the longevity of a shoe cover.

Outstanding in the following evaluation criteria

  • Degree of innovation
  • Functionality
  • Choice of materials

Jury Statement

These high-visibility shoe covers feature an innovative and effective seal around the shoe. The seamless design also makes them very flexible, watertight and comfortable to wear.