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Draw the line

Award   WINNER 2016
Category   Mountain Bikes
Company   Canyon Bicycles

The Sender is our interpretation of a pure downhill bike that is ready for the track. The revolutionary moto-cross-inspired MX Link enables a highly responsive rear triangle that allows for the tuning of the shock leverage ratio independent of anti-squat, pedal kickback or anti-rise. The Triple Phase Suspension avoids going through the bike’s travel while also providing stability and responsiveness. Six possible head angle and chainstay configurations, allow the Sender to transform its geometry to match the terrain. Clean-cut edges and logical lines reflect the signature Canyon design language and give the Sender its aggressive, race-ready appearance.

Outstanding in the following evaluation criteria

  • Functionality
  • Design
  • Price/ performance

Jury Statement

The option of adapting the geometry to the terrain is an exciting feature in this bike segment. Canyon opens up a broad range of handling settings with its option for adjusting the head tube.